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一个用于管理 Windows C/C++ 项目依赖库的命令行工具 spread retract

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A command line tool for manage Windows C/C++ project dependencies, it is able to:

  • Install dependencies from Vcpkg or GitHub.
  • Save information about your project and its dependencies.
  • Pack resource files, header files and library files into a package file to make your project easier to install.


Quick Start


To get started:

npm install -g lcpkg

Tell lcpkg where the root directory of vcpkg is:

lcpkg config vcpkg.root /path/to/vcpkg

Go to your project directory:

cd /path/to/your/project

Tell lcpkg about your project information:

lcpkg init

Install any packages with:

lcpkg install sdl2 curl

If your project is a C/C++ library, and want to publish it to other developers, you can package it:

lcpkg pack

This command will output some files like this:


The file includes packages for all platforms and architectures, you can install it like this:

lcpkg install /path/to/

If your project is an open source project and hosted on, you can upload them to the release assets each time you post a release note, and tell your users install it like this:

lcpkg install

The file is usually large, We recommend you upload files other than it, so that users don't have to wait too long for downloading.


There are many ways to contribute to LCPkg.

LCPkg has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant. This document is used across many open source communities, and we think it articulates our values well. For more, see the Code of Conduct.


Code licensed under the MIT License.

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