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一个用于构建图形界面的、轻量级的、可编译为 C 的编程语言 spread retract

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A lightweight and C based language for building user interfaces.

Trad is:

  • Base on C: Trad compiles to readable, standards-based C. Its relationship with C is like the relationship between TypeScript and JavaScript.
  • Optimized for UI: Simplify your development work with syntax features specialized around the needs of user interface creation.
  • Easy to use: Designed for C developers' usage habits, you can get started quickly without having to spend a lot of time reading complex documents.
  • Not Productive: The current version of the architecture design has not been stable and is only used for technical communication, not for production.
  • Community-driven: small size, easy to read and modify. Anyone can participate in the design of language specifications, and this project development status is affected by community activity.
  • Cross platform: Support for Linux and Windows desktop platforms, but does not support Mac OS and mobile platforms

Trad's syntax is based on JavaScript, it has good compatibility with existing JavaScript development tools/editor extensions, and it won't change much for a long time, so you can temporarily write it as JavaScript.



npm install -g tradlang


Compile to C source file:

tradc example.jsx

Compile to binary file:

gcc -c example.jsx.c
gcc -o example