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用于开发 LCUI 应用程序的命令行工具 spread retract

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LCUI CLI is command line interface for rapid LCUI development. providing:

  • Mininal LCUI project template
  • Generator for components and views
  • Internationalization (i18n)

Quick start

Before using this tool, you need install the following tools on your computer:

To install the new package, use one of the following commands. You need administrator privileges to execute these unless npm was installed on your system through a Node.js version manager (e.g. n or nvm).

npm install -g @lcui/cli
# OR
yarn global add @lcui/cli

Create a project:

lcui create my-project

Go into project directory and run it:

cd my-project
npm run start

If you are ready to develop an LCUI application, you can try the following commands:

# Create a component (widget)
lcui generate widget MyWidget

# Create a view
lcui generate view MyView

# Create a internationalization (i18n) config file
lcui generate i18n i18n

# Compile i18n config file to C code. (default compile config/i18n.js to src/lib/i18n.c and src/lib/i18n.h)
lcui ci18n



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