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锅巴汉化 / SpaceCompany1

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Space Company is a science-fiction incremental game where you start from humble beginnings on Earth, working your way up to travelling between star systems and building Dyson Spheres and pretty much colonising the entire galaxy(ies?)

Currently, the game is in Beta, which means there is frequent, active development on the game and most bugs from existing features will have been fixed. You should not have to worry about your saves being wiped. However, there will be the occasional bug and I will endeavour to amend these.

Plans for the Future


v1.0 The Overlord Update https://www.reddit.com/r/SpaceCompany/wiki/futureplans#wiki_v0.6

  • Adding Lore onto every Building and an introduction to your Space Company
  • Rebalance all costs to not use as much Lunarite/Gems
  • Loading screen flavour text changes as you progress
  • Machine Overview Tab


  • (Mass to Energy Conversion)
  • Buy X buttons
  • Buy Max/Custom Buttons
  • Change Letter Formatting To Start At 100K
  • Rebalance Science
  • Change Icons (white circle with icon inside)


v0.5.1 (includes all V0.5.0.X)

  • Storage Upgrade Discounts
  • T5 batteries
  • Fixed Huge Memory Leak
  • Multiple Spheres
  • Auto Emc
  • Redid Rebirth
  • Respec
  • Meteorite Tier 3 and 4
  • Live counter showing how much DM you will get from each section
  • Fixed Energy Efficiency 25/50 max bug
Small Changes
  • Made Alpha Centauri distance clear
  • You cannot rebirth without a sphere
  • Fixed higher antimatter storages not saving
  • Reduced framerate from 100fps to 10fps
  • Build 250 Segments and Dyson Sphere Button
  • Balanced Ice T5 to have cost just below storage level rather than above it
  • AutoEmc keeps a 10K bank of plasma to avoid meteorite production depletion due to 0 plasma stored.
Bug Fixed
  • Fixed Comms wonder not showing interstellar tab
  • Fixed TARDIS production being incorrect
  • Fixed Storage Discount not working
  • Fixed Storage Upgrade overwriting old storages if greater than 6400
  • Fixed Tier 1 Rocket not showing red costs when inadequate
  • Fixed Subsequent Rebirths
  • Fixed Plasma not showing Gain 20
  • Fixed Wonders showing up as activated after rebirth
  • Fixed Solar System Showing planets before exploring requirements
  • Fixed AutoEmc using energy for meteorite
  • Fixed Fusion Reactor not using enough Hydrogen
  • Fixed Invasion Chance being NaN when reputation is above 60
  • Fixed Absorb not working

v0.5.0 The Interstellar Update

  • Offline Production
  • Screen Notifications Graphics Option
  • Kongregate Leaderboard
  • 7 New Themes
  • Random Loading Messages (100)
  • Communication Wonder
  • Rocket Wonder
  • Antimatter Wonder
  • Portal Room
  • Stargate
  • Plasma Storage Units
  • Buying Multiple Dyson Parts
  • Option to Hide Gain Buttons
  • Achievements for Rings and Swarms
  • Time Until Storage Full Display
  • Max Emc Conversion Button
  • Tier 3 Batteries
  • Tier 4 Labs
  • Tier 4 Batteries
  • Custom Company Name
  • Copy Export to Clipboard
  • Update Log On Page Load
  • Battery Efficiency Research
  • Coloured Destroy Button Option
  • Hydrazine Catalyst - T3 Rocket Fuel
  • Interstellar Radar Scanner
  • Achievement Ranks
  • Renamed Space Metal as Lunarite
  • The Wonder Tab hides itself when completed (makes space for more tabs)
  • Rebuilt Achievement Tooltips
  • Dark Matter
  • Hide Completed Tabs Button
  • Added Astronomical Breakthrough
  • Seperate Option for Autosave Notifications
Small Changes
  • Individual buttons to turn off Plasma and Meteorite Machines
  • Turn-off switch for all energy producers/consumers
  • Alternative scientific formatting
  • Made it clear that Dyson Sections Costs reset when used
  • 'Off' Option For Autosaving
  • Science Forced 1 Decimal Until 100
  • Cleared Up Misconceptions With 'NB:' Notes
  • Uranium + Plasma Achievements
  • Changed Some Descriptions
  • Made Red Bold Costs Also Underlined
  • Allow decreasing EMC amount with right click
  • Changed Version Number System to include 4th digit
  • Made EMC Max By Default
  • Import Checks For Empty Field To Refuse Load
  • Fixed Typos
  • Fixed Interstellar Backwards Compatibility
  • Changed Dyson Parts Buying To Buy Parts And Build Dyson
  • Destroy Alcubierre Drive Button
  • Nerfed Energy Efficiency to be 1000x cheaper, but only go up to 25%
  • Changed Multibuy researches to show current level instead of next level
  • Buffed Battery Efficiency to 200 levels instead of 50
  • Nerfed Rocket Fuel Research Costs
  • Buffed Hydrazine Production
  • Achievement Number Formatting
  • Rocket Fuel Machine Achievements
  • Refactored EMC (behind the scenes)
  • Optimised Saving and Loading
  • Time until storage full now shows until empty if negative gain
  • Reset achievements
  • Standardised gainResource() function
  • Achievement Stars are worth their position
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Bug With Solar System Sidebar
  • Fixed Unlocked Tabs Statistic Bug
  • Fixed Rocket Launching Costs Not Being Red
  • Fixed Antimatter Tab Highlighting Sticking
  • Fixed Typos
  • Fixed Rocket Wonder Not Working
  • Fixed Solar Panel Showing Incorrect Output
  • Fixed Interstellar Tab Not Loading Values
  • Fixed Collapse Outer Solar System SideBarTab Visual Bug
  • Fixed Portal Room Helium Bug
  • Fixed Whitespace Bug on Plasma Tab
  • Fixed Infinite Meteorite Bug
  • Fixed Stargate Not Deducting Resources
  • Fixed Dyson Sections Cost Bug
  • Fixed Plasma EMC Display Bug
  • Fixed Stargate Red Costs Bug
  • Fixed T3 Battery Lunarite Cost Not Saving
  • Fixed UI Bug With Certain Themes
  • Fixed Rocket Building Not Saving
  • Fixed Antimatter Decimals Not Being Uniform
  • Fixed Batteries Not Unlocking Without Refresh
  • Fixed Interstellar Backwards Compatibility
  • Fixed Browser Compatibility Problem
  • Fixed Antimatter Not Turning Green On Full Storage
  • Fixed Hydrazine Research Cost Not Turning Red
  • Fixed Antimatter Going Above 100k
  • Fixed Buying Multiple Solar System Rockets
  • Fixed T4 Science unlocking only after refresh
  • Fixed Hydrazine Not Getting Resource Efficiency
  • Fixed Exponential Notation UI
  • Fixed Typos
  • Fixed Stargaze not showing up until refresh
  • Fixed Silicon Achievement not existing
  • Fixed Logo not animating


  • Dyson Ring
  • Infinite Research
  • Overhauled Behind The Scenes Stuff - Made everything data driven
  • Notifications
  • Game Now Works in an Inactive Tab
  • Tier 2 Batteries
  • Tier 2 Rocket Fuel
  • Sidebar Nav Compression
  • Options For Number Format
Small Changes
  • Reworked EMC UI
  • Energy Conversion Changes
  • Reworded Chemical Plant Description
  • Reprogrammed Charcoal Production
  • Changed Laboratory Names and Descriptions
  • Destruction of Rocket Fuel Machines
  • Changed Order of Achievements
  • Prevented Building Multiple Dyson Spheres
  • Made All Numbers >1000 4 Digits Long
  • Changed Ice T4 to use Wood
  • Days on Time Stats
  • Changed Links in FAQ to open in new tab
  • Notifications for Achievements and Autosaving and for when Storage is full
  • Reduced Info Overload on Getting Started Tab
  • Added LICENCE.txt
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Oil Rig Costs
  • Fixed Helium T4 Red Costs
  • Fixed Dyson Section Reset Costs
  • Fixed Cyborg UI Bug
  • Fixed Dyson Costs Resetting
  • Fixed Exploring Wonder Showing '!' on Resources Tab
  • Fixed Importing Without Data Wiping Saves
  • Fixed Highlighting Bugs
  • Fixed Charcoal Burners Not Using Wood
  • Fixed Oxidisation UI Bug
  • Fixed Session Time Not Resetting
  • Fixed Meteorite Filling Storage Bug
  • Fixed Typos


  • Completed Achievements
  • Changed Achievements System
  • 100,000x Conversion Option
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Destruction of Machines Research Red Cost Bug
  • Fixed Meteorite Wonder Cost Bug
  • Fixed Titanium T4 Energy Costs
  • Fixed Dyson Costs Jumping to 3rd from 1st
  • Fixed Metal Icon not being transparent


  • Option for bold text on red costs
  • Nerfed Battery Costs


  • Bug Fix with Sphere to Swarm Conversion

v0.4.0 The Hot and Cold Update

  • Achievements
  • Research from Sol Center
  • Meteorite
  • Meteorite Tier of resource machines (4th Tier)
  • Dyson Sections
  • Dyson Swarm
  • Dyson Sphere
  • Per Second Display on Science
  • Ability to Destroy Machines
  • Increased Width of Resources List to reduce vertical scrolling
  • Tiered Laboratories
  • Batteries
  • Changed Silicon from an inner planet resource to an earth resource
  • Altered Cyborg Theme
  • Stats for Time Keeping
  • Merged "More" and "Settings" Tabs
  • Tier 2 for Plasma and Meteorite


  • Number Formatting for large numbers
  • Made Selected Tab Blue


  • New Solar Theme
  • New United Theme


  • Collapsibility for the Solar System Tab
  • Notifications on tabs when there is something new in them


  • Made per second text red when negative
  • Dark Cyborg Theme


  • Rebalanced Fusion Reactor and Magmatic Dynamo
  • Rebalanced Tier 3 Machines For Some Resources

v0.3.0 The Tech Update [Pushed to Beta]

  • Sol Scientific Center
  • Computerized Tier of resource machines
  • Exploration of the outer planets
  • Energy-Mass Conversion
  • Hydrogen and Helium
  • Ice
  • Plasma
  • Tech Wonder
  • Fusion Reactor
  • More Statistics
  • Loading Screen
  • Fixed Typos
  • Fixed Wood/Charcoal Bugs


  • If you do not have enough resources for something, the number will be red
  • You can collapse resources into earth and space categories
  • Buffed Charcoal Engines and Solar Panels to stop people falling into a 'negative energy hole'
  • Nuclear & Magmatic Power
  • Nerfed Methane Station


  • Fixed Bugs

v0.2.0 The Wondrous Update [Released To The Public]

  • Wonder Tab
  • two different wonders - Precious Wonder & Energetic Wonder
  • ability to upgrade Wonders
  • Uranium & Lava
  • Widened resources navigation so that storage could be displayed on one line
  • Solar Panel and Charcoal Engine Upgrades
  • Statistics
  • Settings
  • Import and Export


  • Auto-saving
  • Finished Beginner's Guide


  • Fixed bugs from the 0.1.0 update

v0.1.0 The Space Update

  • Space travel to The Moon, Venus, Mars and the Asteroid Belt
  • New resources: Lunarite, Methane Gas, Titanium, Silver, Gold and Silicon
  • Methane-based power
  • Commas to all numbers more than 1000
  • Fixed negative energy
  • Saving
  • Donations through paypal
  • Updated Beginner's Guide


  • Resource Technology Upgrade to double resource machines output
  • Nerfed Science
  • Changed the per second display to be zero if the storage is full


  • Icons for the rest of the resources
  • Help / FAQ Tab
  • Beginner Guide, FAQ and Credits
  • Made resource numbers scroll up instead of jumping to the current value


  • Space Tab
  • Chemical plants that produce rocket fuel
  • Rocket that uses rocket fuel to launch into space


  • Balanced Game More (to not take 2 minutes to complete)
  • Fixed Wood/sec bug
  • Made all resource gatherers increase in cost as you buy them
  • Fixed Resource Machines not using energy
  • Changed storage upgrades to cost metal as well


  • Removed cap on energy
  • Solar Panels
  • Resource Gathering Machine were added that use a constant supply of energy
  • Oil was made a component in building machines
  • Fixed storage costs bug


  • Merged Crafting and Resources tabs
  • Reworked Science Techs
  • Balanced Science Tab
  • Removed the ability for science to be clicked - it can only be gained slowly
  • Energy and Charcoal engines
  • Charcoal
  • Removed Gas


  • Basic mechanics and basic Bootstrap theme implemented
  • Initial release

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