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《猫国建设中》辅助工具。 spread retract

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注意:现在 中文版已经集成了小猫科学家 ,请在游戏右上角 “选项” 里面通过 “点击启用小猫科学家”启用。

Basic Usage

Create the following JavaScript bookmarklet (create a new bookmark and paste this as the URL):

javascript:(function(){var d=document,s=d.createElement('script');s.src='';d.body.appendChild(s);})();

Alternative Installation

You can also permanently install Kitten Scientists with a userscript manager.

Now simply open the script and you should be prompted to install it.


  • Several UI adjustments (depending on selected theme).
  • Automates:
    • Building (Bonfire, Space, Religion, and Time Buildings)
    • Crafting
    • Upgrading
    • Trading
    • Building Embassies
    • Hunting
    • Praising
    • Holding Festivals
    • Observing Astronomical Events
    • Trading Cryptocurrency
    • Autofeeding Necrocorns
    • Exploring (Deprecated)


By default, bonfire buildings are built if their required resources are at 75% of their storage capacity. For space and time structures, the default threshold is 95%. For religion structures, it is 99%.


Craftable resources are crafted when the resources required for the craft exceed the trigger value (95% by default) of their storage capacity, or always craft if the resource lacks a storage capacity.

For each resource, you can set a consumption rate (60% by default) and a stock (0 by default). The consumption rate defines how much of the trigger value times the storage capacity that autocrafting is allowed to consume (meaning with the default consumption rate and a trigger value of 100%, autocrafting would leave 40% of the resource's storage capacity). The stock setting tells KS to ignore the specified amount of this resource.

Furthermore, each resource can be set to be limited crafted. Limited crafting behaves normally when the resource exceeds the trigger value, but behaves differently when beneath the trigger value or for a resource that lacks a storage capacity. It crafts resources in an attempt to keep both the inputs and outputs in proportion. (Meaning if the player has 2000 minerals and 0 slabs, and each slab costs 50 minerals, it will craft 20 slabs for new totals of 1000 minerals and 20 slabs).


Techs and workshop upgrades are automatically bought when affordable, prioritizing the workshop. Buildings can be set to be automatically upgraded to their second stage as soon as upgrading would not significantly impact income. Space missions can automatically be conducted, and trading partners automatically discovered.


Trades happen when the traded resource and gold is at 98% of the storage capacity. By default, the trades are optimized to only happen during seasons when the trade is most effective.

Trading also has a limited trading mode. This mode determines how much production time is needed to make the trade's input resources versus the time to make the trade's average output resources to determine if a trade is profitable. The resources gained and spent trading and hunting are also factored in, making this mode self-limiting.


Hunts when catpower is at 98% capacity.


Praises when faith is at 98% capacity.


KS can be set to:

Automatically buy cryptocurrency at low prices and sells near the peak.

Automatically hold festivals when income is sufficiently high to support them.

Automatically build embassies.

Autofeed necrocorns to leviathans.

Game Log

Automatically observes astronomical events.

All KS log output can be filtered.


If you would like to contribute to the Kitten Scientists, then you can do so in these ways:

  • Submit issues or bugs you find, or functionality that would improve the project.
  • Fork the repository, add some functionality, then submit a pull request.

Thanks to these past and present contributors!

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