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林选臣 authored 2021-12-22 16:17 . ♥ Welcome to NanUI
# Rules in this file were initially inferred by Visual Studio IntelliCode from the D:\Projects\Repos\NanUI-0.8 codebase based on best match to current usage at 2021/11/24
# There already existed an .editorconfig file in this directory. Copy rules from this .editorconfig.inferred file to the existing .editorconfig file as desired to have them take effect at this location.
# You can modify the rules from these initially generated values to suit your own policies
# You can learn more about editorconfig here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/ide/editorconfig-code-style-settings-reference
#Core editorconfig formatting - indentation
#use soft tabs (spaces) for indentation
indent_style = space
#Formatting - indentation options
#indent switch case contents.
csharp_indent_case_contents = true
#indent switch labels
csharp_indent_switch_labels = true
#Formatting - new line options
#place catch statements on a new line
csharp_new_line_before_catch = true
#place else statements on a new line
csharp_new_line_before_else = true
#require members of object initializers to be on the same line
csharp_new_line_before_members_in_object_initializers = false
#require braces to be on a new line for object_collection_array_initializers, control_blocks, properties, lambdas, types, methods, and accessors (also known as "Allman" style)
csharp_new_line_before_open_brace = object_collection_array_initializers, control_blocks, properties, lambdas, types, methods, accessors
#Formatting - organize using options
#sort System.* using directives alphabetically, and place them before other usings
dotnet_sort_system_directives_first = true
#Formatting - spacing options
#require NO space between a cast and the value
csharp_space_after_cast = false
#require a space before the colon for bases or interfaces in a type declaration
csharp_space_after_colon_in_inheritance_clause = true
#require a space after a keyword in a control flow statement such as a for loop
csharp_space_after_keywords_in_control_flow_statements = true
#require a space before the colon for bases or interfaces in a type declaration
csharp_space_before_colon_in_inheritance_clause = true
#remove space within empty argument list parentheses
csharp_space_between_method_call_empty_parameter_list_parentheses = false
#remove space between method call name and opening parenthesis
csharp_space_between_method_call_name_and_opening_parenthesis = false
#do not place space characters after the opening parenthesis and before the closing parenthesis of a method call
csharp_space_between_method_call_parameter_list_parentheses = false
#remove space within empty parameter list parentheses for a method declaration
csharp_space_between_method_declaration_empty_parameter_list_parentheses = false
#place a space character after the opening parenthesis and before the closing parenthesis of a method declaration parameter list.
csharp_space_between_method_declaration_parameter_list_parentheses = false
#Formatting - wrapping options
#leave code block on single line
csharp_preserve_single_line_blocks = true
#leave statements and member declarations on the same line
csharp_preserve_single_line_statements = true
#Style - Code block preferences
#prefer curly braces even for one line of code
csharp_prefer_braces = true:suggestion
#Style - expression bodied member options
#prefer block bodies for accessors
csharp_style_expression_bodied_accessors = false:suggestion
#prefer block bodies for constructors
csharp_style_expression_bodied_constructors = false:suggestion
#prefer block bodies for methods
csharp_style_expression_bodied_methods = false:suggestion
#prefer expression-bodied members for properties
csharp_style_expression_bodied_properties = true:suggestion
#Style - expression level options
#prefer out variables to be declared inline in the argument list of a method call when possible
csharp_style_inlined_variable_declaration = true:suggestion
#prefer the language keyword for member access expressions, instead of the type name, for types that have a keyword to represent them
dotnet_style_predefined_type_for_member_access = true:suggestion
#Style - Expression-level preferences
#prefer default over default(T)
csharp_prefer_simple_default_expression = true:suggestion
#prefer objects to be initialized using object initializers when possible
dotnet_style_object_initializer = true:suggestion
#Style - implicit and explicit types
#prefer var over explicit type in all cases, unless overridden by another code style rule
csharp_style_var_elsewhere = true:suggestion
#prefer var is used to declare variables with built-in system types such as int
csharp_style_var_for_built_in_types = true:suggestion
#prefer var when the type is already mentioned on the right-hand side of a declaration expression
csharp_style_var_when_type_is_apparent = true:suggestion
#Style - language keyword and framework type options
#prefer the language keyword for local variables, method parameters, and class members, instead of the type name, for types that have a keyword to represent them
dotnet_style_predefined_type_for_locals_parameters_members = true:suggestion
#Style - Miscellaneous preferences
#prefer local functions over anonymous functions
csharp_style_pattern_local_over_anonymous_function = true:suggestion
#Style - modifier options
#prefer accessibility modifiers to be declared except for public interface members. This will currently not differ from always and will act as future proofing for if C# adds default interface methods.
dotnet_style_require_accessibility_modifiers = for_non_interface_members:suggestion
#Style - Modifier preferences
#when this rule is set to a list of modifiers, prefer the specified ordering.
csharp_preferred_modifier_order = private,public,internal,protected,static,extern,virtual,unsafe,abstract,readonly,override,sealed:suggestion
#Style - Pattern matching
#prefer pattern matching instead of is expression with type casts
csharp_style_pattern_matching_over_as_with_null_check = true:suggestion
#Style - qualification options
#prefer fields not to be prefaced with this. or Me. in Visual Basic
dotnet_style_qualification_for_field = false:suggestion
#prefer methods not to be prefaced with this. or Me. in Visual Basic
dotnet_style_qualification_for_method = false:suggestion
#prefer properties not to be prefaced with this. or Me. in Visual Basic
dotnet_style_qualification_for_property = false:suggestion