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MonoGUI (黑白图形用户接口系统)是针对电子词典、高级计算器、电子手表、标签打印机、收款机、电子货签等具有黑白屏幕的小电子设备开发的专用GUI系统。本系统具有结构简单、使用容易、内存占用小、单线程、处理器负担轻等特点。虽然图形能力仅有黑与白,但其支持完整的中文显示处理功能(GB18030中2字节汉字,即旧GB13000标准),其Edit控件和中文输入法(包括九键输入法)功能上达到Windows和Android的输入法水平,且扩展容易。 spread retract

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MonoGUI-A Black and White Graphical User Interface System


MonoGUI is a dedicated GUI system developed for small electronic devices with black and white screens such as electronic dictionaries, advanced calculators, electronic watches, label printers, cash registers, and electronic tags. The system has the characteristics of simple structure, easy use, small memory occupation, single thread, and light processor load. Although the graphics capability is only black and white, it supports the complete Chinese display processing function (2-byte Chinese characters in GB18030, that is, the old GB13000 standard), and its Edit control and Chinese input method (including the nine-key input method) function to achieve Windows. And Android's input method level, and the extension is easy.

MonoGUI is written in pure C++ and does not depend on third-party source code for portability and debugging. The supporting tool software, such as picture converter, dialog template editor, etc., are all open source. The design infor -mation is complete, the documentation is substantial, and it is also a rare research material.

Software Architecture

MonoGUI's software architecture design is very simple and clear, please refer to the pdf file "MonoGUI design document".


The software does not need to be installed, run the "compiled DEMO program.exe" file directly in the MonoGUI directory to view the effect.

At runtime, the anti-virus software may prompt "discover Trojans", there is no way, anti-virus software is always alert to unknowns. You can also run in a virtual machine environment.


This software can be opened directly using VS2012. In fact, MonoGUI does not rely on any third-party libraries, and is designed for cross-system porting. The code basically does not rely on the high-version C++.

When compiling, please compile and generate MonoGUI.lib, then compile and generate DEMO_Win32.exe file.

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