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Lussac / video-downloader-deploy

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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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Video Downloaders One-Click Deployment Batch (Windows)

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A One-Click batch script for the deployment and quickstart of You-Get , Youtube-dl , Annie , and FFmpeg .

  • No need to install Python, one-click to deploy a portable version of you-get, youtube-dl.
  • This portable deployment is based on the embeddable version of Python.
  • Besides one-click deployment, the upgrades of you-get, youtube-dl, annie in the future can also be carried out with one-click.

Getting Started

Download One-Click Deployment Batch . Unzip and run Deploy.bat .

Demo.gif ( 2 min 52 s ) :

This demo was recorded in Simplified Chinese. If your system language is not Chinese, this batch will automatically display in English.
Please created an issue if you want to help improve the translation quality or add more supported languages.


  • For the folder where Deploy.bat is located,
    • You can only move or rename the entire folder as a whole. The name of this folder or the file path should NOT contains special punctuation like: !@$;%^& ;
    • After the deployment, you can delete all the files downloaded in directory res\download\ , to save storage;
    • Except the video files downloaded under the Download\ directory, please do NOT change other files inside.
  • If the batch has a run-time error (such as download speed is too slow), please refer to FAQ or Submit new issue .


It has no effect on downloading video if without FFmpeg, which only affects the merging of multiple parts video.

This portable version does NOT deploy FFmpeg by default. To deploy FFmpeg, re-run Deploy.bat and select Deploy FFmpeg.


Run Deploy.bat and select Aliases Management to add customize aliases.

Before adding a custom alias, please try Import default alias. Then start the Download_Video.bat, input open and ENTER.

Take several aliases, which might be commonly used, as examples and references:

Alias Function
open = explorer .\ Open the current directory, which is Download\
proxy ≈ set HTTP(S)_PROXY=... Quickly enable/disable proxy for current CMD window (proxy help)
yb = youtube-dl -f bestvideo+bestaudio Use youtube-dl to download the video of best quality
yf = youtube-dl -F Use youtube-dl to list all available formats of requested videos
ac = annie -c cookies.txt Use annie to download, with cookies loaded
ygc = you-get -c cookies.txt Use you-get to download, with cookies loaded
... ...

Notice: The name of customize alias is preferably a combination of letters, numbers, dashes and/or underscores. It should macth the RegExp ^[\w\-]+$, and particularly no whitespace or the special punctuations mentioned above. In addition, the alias must NOT be the same as the command, otherwise it will cause an endless loop.



If you have installed Git, it is recommended to get the scripts through git clone . So that you can get updates through git pull in the future.

git clone https://github.com/LussacZheng/video-downloader-deploy.git

Only if you previously got the scripts through git clone, you can update through git pull.

git pull


  • 7za.exe

    Version:    v19.00
    MD5:        43141e85e7c36e31b52b22ab94d5e574
    Source:     https://sourceforge.net/projects/sevenzip/files/7-Zip/19.00/
    From:       "7z1900-extra.7z" \7za.exe
  • wget.exe

    Version:    v1.20.3 , win32
    MD5:        f8247397ae65792524d949c825969391
    Source:     http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/faq.html#download
    From:       "wget-1.20.3-win32.zip" \wget.exe
  • get-pip.py

    Version:    v19.2.2 (pip for bootstrap)
    MD5:        7f66b79bf181521f6851a75848aad8b2
    Source:     https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py


Project License
you-get MIT License
youtube-dl The Unlicense
annie MIT License
FFmpeg Builds GPL 3.0

More information

Check Wiki for more information.

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