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Copyright 2014 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package patch
import (
jsonpatch "github.com/evanphx/json-patch"
cmdutil "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubectl/cmd/util"
var patchTypes = map[string]types.PatchType{"json": types.JSONPatchType, "merge": types.MergePatchType, "strategic": types.StrategicMergePatchType}
// PatchOptions is the start of the data required to perform the operation. As new fields are added, add them here instead of
// referencing the cmd.Flags()
type PatchOptions struct {
RecordFlags *genericclioptions.RecordFlags
PrintFlags *genericclioptions.PrintFlags
ToPrinter func(string) (printers.ResourcePrinter, error)
Recorder genericclioptions.Recorder
Local bool
PatchType string
Patch string
namespace string
enforceNamespace bool
dryRun bool
outputFormat string
args []string
builder *resource.Builder
unstructuredClientForMapping func(mapping *meta.RESTMapping) (resource.RESTClient, error)
var (
patchLong = templates.LongDesc(i18n.T(`
Update field(s) of a resource using strategic merge patch, a JSON merge patch, or a JSON patch.
JSON and YAML formats are accepted.`))
patchExample = templates.Examples(i18n.T(`
# Partially update a node using a strategic merge patch. Specify the patch as JSON.
kubectl patch node k8s-node-1 -p '{"spec":{"unschedulable":true}}'
# Partially update a node using a strategic merge patch. Specify the patch as YAML.
kubectl patch node k8s-node-1 -p $'spec:\n unschedulable: true'
# Partially update a node identified by the type and name specified in "node.json" using strategic merge patch.
kubectl patch -f node.json -p '{"spec":{"unschedulable":true}}'
# Update a container's image; spec.containers[*].name is required because it's a merge key.
kubectl patch pod valid-pod -p '{"spec":{"containers":[{"name":"kubernetes-serve-hostname","image":"new image"}]}}'
# Update a container's image using a json patch with positional arrays.
kubectl patch pod valid-pod --type='json' -p='[{"op": "replace", "path": "/spec/containers/0/image", "value":"new image"}]'`))
func NewPatchOptions(ioStreams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *PatchOptions {
return &PatchOptions{
RecordFlags: genericclioptions.NewRecordFlags(),
Recorder: genericclioptions.NoopRecorder{},
PrintFlags: genericclioptions.NewPrintFlags("patched").WithTypeSetter(scheme.Scheme),
IOStreams: ioStreams,
func NewCmdPatch(f cmdutil.Factory, ioStreams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command {
o := NewPatchOptions(ioStreams)
cmd := &cobra.Command{
Use: "patch (-f FILENAME | TYPE NAME) -p PATCH",
DisableFlagsInUseLine: true,
Short: i18n.T("Update field(s) of a resource using strategic merge patch"),
Long: patchLong,
Example: patchExample,
Run: func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) {
cmdutil.CheckErr(o.Complete(f, cmd, args))
cmd.Flags().StringVarP(&o.Patch, "patch", "p", "", "The patch to be applied to the resource JSON file.")
cmd.Flags().StringVar(&o.PatchType, "type", "strategic", fmt.Sprintf("The type of patch being provided; one of %v", sets.StringKeySet(patchTypes).List()))
cmdutil.AddFilenameOptionFlags(cmd, &o.FilenameOptions, "identifying the resource to update")
cmd.Flags().BoolVar(&o.Local, "local", o.Local, "If true, patch will operate on the content of the file, not the server-side resource.")
return cmd
func (o *PatchOptions) Complete(f cmdutil.Factory, cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error {
var err error
o.Recorder, err = o.RecordFlags.ToRecorder()
if err != nil {
return err
o.outputFormat = cmdutil.GetFlagString(cmd, "output")
o.dryRun = cmdutil.GetFlagBool(cmd, "dry-run")
o.ToPrinter = func(operation string) (printers.ResourcePrinter, error) {
o.PrintFlags.NamePrintFlags.Operation = operation
if o.dryRun {
o.PrintFlags.Complete("%s (dry run)")
return o.PrintFlags.ToPrinter()
o.namespace, o.enforceNamespace, err = f.ToRawKubeConfigLoader().Namespace()
if err != nil {
return err
o.args = args
o.builder = f.NewBuilder()
o.unstructuredClientForMapping = f.UnstructuredClientForMapping
return nil
func (o *PatchOptions) Validate() error {
if o.Local && len(o.args) != 0 {
return fmt.Errorf("cannot specify --local and server resources")
if len(o.Patch) == 0 {
return fmt.Errorf("must specify -p to patch")
if len(o.PatchType) != 0 {
if _, ok := patchTypes[strings.ToLower(o.PatchType)]; !ok {
return fmt.Errorf("--type must be one of %v, not %q", sets.StringKeySet(patchTypes).List(), o.PatchType)
return nil
func (o *PatchOptions) RunPatch() error {
patchType := types.StrategicMergePatchType
if len(o.PatchType) != 0 {
patchType = patchTypes[strings.ToLower(o.PatchType)]
patchBytes, err := yaml.ToJSON([]byte(o.Patch))
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("unable to parse %q: %v", o.Patch, err)
r := o.builder.
FilenameParam(o.enforceNamespace, &o.FilenameOptions).
ResourceTypeOrNameArgs(false, o.args...).
err = r.Err()
if err != nil {
return err
count := 0
err = r.Visit(func(info *resource.Info, err error) error {
if err != nil {
return err
name, namespace := info.Name, info.Namespace
if !o.Local && !o.dryRun {
mapping := info.ResourceMapping()
client, err := o.unstructuredClientForMapping(mapping)
if err != nil {
return err
helper := resource.NewHelper(client, mapping)
patchedObj, err := helper.Patch(namespace, name, patchType, patchBytes, nil)
if err != nil {
return err
didPatch := !reflect.DeepEqual(info.Object, patchedObj)
// if the recorder makes a change, compute and create another patch
if mergePatch, err := o.Recorder.MakeRecordMergePatch(patchedObj); err != nil {
klog.V(4).Infof("error recording current command: %v", err)
} else if len(mergePatch) > 0 {
if recordedObj, err := helper.Patch(info.Namespace, info.Name, types.MergePatchType, mergePatch, nil); err != nil {
klog.V(4).Infof("error recording reason: %v", err)
} else {
patchedObj = recordedObj
printer, err := o.ToPrinter(patchOperation(didPatch))
if err != nil {
return err
return printer.PrintObj(patchedObj, o.Out)
originalObjJS, err := runtime.Encode(unstructured.UnstructuredJSONScheme, info.Object)
if err != nil {
return err
originalPatchedObjJS, err := getPatchedJSON(patchType, originalObjJS, patchBytes, info.Object.GetObjectKind().GroupVersionKind(), scheme.Scheme)
if err != nil {
return err
targetObj, err := runtime.Decode(unstructured.UnstructuredJSONScheme, originalPatchedObjJS)
if err != nil {
return err
didPatch := !reflect.DeepEqual(info.Object, targetObj)
printer, err := o.ToPrinter(patchOperation(didPatch))
if err != nil {
return err
return printer.PrintObj(targetObj, o.Out)
if err != nil {
return err
if count == 0 {
return fmt.Errorf("no objects passed to patch")
return nil
func getPatchedJSON(patchType types.PatchType, originalJS, patchJS []byte, gvk schema.GroupVersionKind, creater runtime.ObjectCreater) ([]byte, error) {
switch patchType {
case types.JSONPatchType:
patchObj, err := jsonpatch.DecodePatch(patchJS)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
bytes, err := patchObj.Apply(originalJS)
// TODO: This is pretty hacky, we need a better structured error from the json-patch
if err != nil && strings.Contains(err.Error(), "doc is missing key") {
msg := err.Error()
ix := strings.Index(msg, "key:")
key := msg[ix+5:]
return bytes, fmt.Errorf("Object to be patched is missing field (%s)", key)
return bytes, err
case types.MergePatchType:
return jsonpatch.MergePatch(originalJS, patchJS)
case types.StrategicMergePatchType:
// get a typed object for this GVK if we need to apply a strategic merge patch
obj, err := creater.New(gvk)
if err != nil {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("cannot apply strategic merge patch for %s locally, try --type merge", gvk.String())
return strategicpatch.StrategicMergePatch(originalJS, patchJS, obj)
// only here as a safety net - go-restful filters content-type
return nil, fmt.Errorf("unknown Content-Type header for patch: %v", patchType)
func patchOperation(didPatch bool) string {
if didPatch {
return "patched"
return "patched (no change)"

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