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SD / MKPlayer

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SD authored 2019-03-29 17:49 . en
The MKPlayer is a video player for playing m3u8 video and play video from system albums. Of course, it can also be used as a player for other videos.
1. You can add a note name to m3u8 to easily identify the reserved video by custom name.
2. The player interface provides a convenient fast forward and rewind gesture, and pause playback can be all. Full screen playback, big screen viewing is more cool
3. Support to subscribe to the m3u8 list to facilitate management of the same type of m3u8. You can update your subscription at any time.
4. Support play video from system albums,Support background playback
5. Support double speed playback
If you encounter any problems during the process, please send me email feedback. App-More-Report Bugs. I will give you answers and help as much as possible.

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