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ms_yan authored 2021-06-28 23:34 . add some label for usability analysis

The Issue/PR Label List

Labels Type SubType Source nodes Explanation in Chinese Explanation in English committer(GiteeID) reviewer(GiteeID)
ccsrc c++代码 c++ code
comp/data comp data -- minddata data内部实现 data internal implementation jonyguo;liucunwei;pandoublefeng
comp/parallel comp parallel -- frontend -- parallel 对内实现 parallel internal implementation stsuteng;yangzhenzhang
comp/optimizer comp optimizer -- frontend -- optimizer 硬件无关优化 Hardware independent optimization zh_qh
comp/pynative comp pynative -- pipeline -- pynative 动态图 Dynamic diagram chujinjin
comp/kernel comp kernel -- backend -- kernel_compiler 算子内核 编译 Operator kernel, Compilation anyrenwei jjfeing
comp/runtime comp runtime -- runtime 运行时 runtime kisnwang;cristoval
comp/device comp device -- runtime - device 各类硬件操作封装 hardware operation package kisnwang
comp/pipeline comp pipeline -- pipeline -- jit 静态图 Static diagram zh_qh
comp/parser comp parser -- pipeline -- jit - parse py-c++转换 Py-c + + conversion zh_qh
comp/optimizer comp optimizer -- backend -- optimizer 硬件相关优化 Hardware dependent optimization jjfeing
comp/cxx-api comp cxx-api --cxx_api c++ API c++ API zhoufeng54;xu-yfei;wilfchen
comp/debug comp debug --debug 调试功能 (易用性) Debugging function (ease of use) lilongfei15;wangyue01
comp/profiler comp profiler --profiler 性能统计 Performance statistics jojobugfree
comp/ps comp ps --ps 参数服务器 Parameter server cristoval zpac
comp/pybind-api comp pybind-api --pybind_api c++调用py api Calling python API with C + + kingxian
comp/transform comp transform --transform mindspore cann onnx格式转换 Mindpool, cann and onnx format conversion c_34 changzherui
comp/vm comp vm --vm 硬件无关/相关优化转换 Hardware independent / dependent optimization conversion kisnwang
comp/py-com comp py-com communication communication python对外接口 Communication Python external interface stsuteng;yangzhenzhang
comp/py-compression comp py-compression compression compression python对外接口 compression Python external interface zlq2020
comp/py-core comp py-core core core python对外接口 core Python external interface
comp/ir comp ir -- ir 图定义 Graph definition
comp/py-data comp py-data dataset data的python对外接口 data Python external interface jonyguo;liucunwei;pandoublefeng
comp/py-explainer comp py-explainer explainer 可解释python对外接口 Interpretable Python external interface lixiaohui33
comp/graph-utils comp graph-utils graph_utils irmo
comp/infer comp infer lite zhaizhiqiang;zhang_xue_tong;jpc_chenjianping
comp/mindrecord comp mindrecord mindrecord data的py对外接口 数据结构 Python external interface data, data structure jonyguo;liucunwei;pandoublefeng
comp/api comp api nn kingxian
comp/numpy comp numpy numpy yanglf1121
comp/operator comp operator ops 算子相关 Operator correlation liangchenghui
comp/py-parallel comp py-parallel parallel py对外接口 Parallel Python external interface stsuteng;yangzhenzhang
comp/py-profiler comp py-profiler profiler wangyue01
comp/train comp train train 训练接口 Training interface kingxian wangnan39
comp/build-install comp build-install build.sh 构建脚本 Build script zhoufeng54 nicholas_yhr
comp/modelzoo comp modelzoo model_zoo model zoo model zoo c_34;liangchenghui
comp/checkpoint comp checkpoint
comp/example comp example
comp/environment comp environment
comp/ci comp ci
comp/ad comp ad
comp/log comp log
device/gpu device gpu 在gpu设备上 on gpu device
device/cpu device cpu 在cpu设备上 on cpu device
device/ascend device ascend 在ascend设备上 on ascend device
sig/frontend sig FrontEnd FrontEnd SIG FrontEnd SIG kingxian
sig/compiler sig Compiler Compiler SIG Compiler SIG zh_qh
sig/executor sig Executor Executor SIG Executor SIG kisnwang
sig/modelzoo sig ModelZoo ModelZoo SIG ModelZoo SIG yingjy
sig/data sig Data Data SIG Data SIG liucunwei
sig/graph-engine sig GraphEngine GraphEngine SIG GraphEngine SIG youui
sig/visualization sig Visualization Visualization SIG Visualization SIG gaocongli_hw
sig/security sig Security Security SIG Security SIG randywangze
sig/akg sig AKG AKG SIG AKG SIG anyrenwei
sig/mslite sig MSLITE MSLITE SIG MSLITE SIG zhaizhiqiang
sig/mdp sig MDP MDP SIG MDP SIG jianfeichen
sig/parallel sig Parallel Parallel SIG Parallel SIG dr-orange
sig/adaptivetraining sig AdaptiveTraining AdaptiveTraining SIG AdaptiveTraining SIG luomai-edin
sig/serving sig Serving Serving SIG Serving SIG xu-yfei
sig/DX sig DevelopereXperience DevelopereXperience SIG DevelopereXperience SIG JianCao81;clement_li
kind/bug kind bug 类型 BUG kind: bug
kind/trustworthiness kind trustworthiness 可信计算 kind: trustworthiness
kind/security kind security 类型 security kind: security
kind/roadmap kind roadmap 对应图 kind:roadmap
kind/reliability kind reliability 可靠性 kind:reliability
kind/question kind question 类型 question kind:question
kind/mindless kind mindless
kind/maintenance kind maintenance
kind/generality kind generality
kind/function kind function 功能 kind:function
kind/feature kind feature 类型 feature kind:feature
kind/task kind task 类型 task kind:task
kind/enhancement kind enhancement 类型 enhancement kind:enhancement
kind/docs kind docs 类型 docs kind:docs
kind/testing kind testing 类型 test kind:test
kind/performance kind performance 类型 performance kind:performance
kind/discussion kind discussion 类型 discussion kind:discussion
kind/build-install kind build-install 环境准备如安装编译类型 kind of environment preparation, including installation and compilation
kind/coding kind coding 脚本编码类型 kind of script coding
kind/function kind function 功能类型 kind of function
kind/precision kind precision 精度类型 kind of precision
kind/deployment kind deployment 部署应用类型 kind of deployment and application
kind/compatibility kind compatibility 版本兼容类型 kind of version compatibility
kind/DFX kind DFX 故障恢复与报错类型 kind of recovery and error log
kind/cluster-debug kind cluster-debug 集群调试调优类型 kind of cluster debug and optimization
kind/ci kind ci CI看护类型 kind of ci guarantee
users/college users college 高校用户 users from college
users/industry users industry 行业用户, 如企业、研究院所 users from industry, such as enterprises and research institutes
users/crowd-contrib users crowd-contrib 众智用户 users from crowd-contributing
users/individual users individual 个人用户 individual individual users
stat/RFC stat RFC 新 feature new feature
stat/wait-response stat wait-response 等待回复 waiting response
stat/discuss-welcome stat discuss-welcome 欢迎参与讨论 welcome to join discussion for anyone
stat/need-help stat need-help 寻求社区贡献 contributor welcome
stat/waiting-mindsporer stat waiting-mindsporer 等待开发者 waiting mindsporer
stat/stall stat stall 冻结 stall
stat/WIP stat WIP work in process work in process
stat/duplicate stat duplicate 重复 duplicate
stat/help-wanted stat help-wanted help wanted help wanted
stat/invalid stat invalid 不合法 invalid
stat/need-squash stat need-squash need squash need squash
stat/need-update stat need-update need squash need squash
stat/suprceded stat suprceded suprceded suprceded
stat/wontfix stat wontfix wontfix wontfix
env/windows env windows 环境:windows Environment: Windows
env/macos env macos 环境:Macos Environment: Macos
env/linux env linux 环境:Linux Environment: Linux
env/other env other 环境:other Environment: Other
mind/1.0.0 mind 1.0.0 版本号:1.0.0 version:1.0.0
mind/0.7.0-beta mind 0.7.0-beta 版本号:0.7.0-beta version:0.7.0-beta
mind/0.5.0-beta mind 0.5.0-beta 版本号:0.5.0-beta version:0.5.0-beta
mind/0.3.0-alpha mind 0.3.0-alpha 版本号:0.3.0-beta version:0.3.0-beta
mind/0.6.0-beta mind 0.6.0-beta 版本号:0.6.0-beta version:0.6.0-beta
Reoccur/Occasionally Reoccur Occasionally 重新出现 Reappear
usability/other usability other 易用性:其他方面 usability:other
usability/api usability api 易用性:api usability:api
usability/modelzoo usability modelzoo 易用性:modelzoo usability:modelzoo
usability/web/doc usability web/doc 易用性:web/doc usability:web/doc
usability/mi usability mi 易用性:mi usability:mi
usability/vm usability vm 易用性:vm usability:vm
usability usability
usability-api usability-api
usability-modelzoo usability-modelzoo
usability-web/doc usability-web/doc
usability-vm usability-vm
usability-mi usability-mi
good first issue good first issue good first issue good first issue
mindspore-assistant mindspore-assistant mindspore 助手 mindspore assistant
mindspore-cla/no mindspore-cla/no 签署CLA:否 Signing CLA: no
mindspore-cla/yes mindspore-cla/yes 签署CLA:是 Signing CLA: yes
mindspore-contrib mindspore-contrib 贡献 contribution
approved approved pr标签: 批准 PR label: approved
ci-pipeline-failed ci-pipeline-failed pr标签 失败 PR label: failed
ci-pipeline-passed ci-pipeline-passed pr标签 通过 PR label: passed
ci-pipeline-passed-t ci-pipeline-passed-t pr标签 通过 PR label: passed
ci-pipeline-running ci-pipeline-running pr标签 运行中 PR label: running