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Contributing Documents


You are welcome to contribute MindSpore documents. Documents that meet requirements will be displayed on the MindSpore official website.

Creating or Updating Documents

This project supports contribution documents in MarkDown and reStructuredText formats. You can create the .md or .rst files or modify existing documents.

Submitting Modification

The procedure for submitting the modification is the same as that for submitting the code. For details, see Code Contribution Guide.

Document Writing Specifications

  • The title supports only the ATX style. The title and context must be separated by a blank line.

    # Heading 1
    ## Heading 2
    ### Heading 3
  • If the list title and content need to be displayed in different lines, add a blank line between the title and content. Otherwise, the line breaks may not be implemented.

    - Title
  • Anchors (hyperlinks) in the table of content can contain only Chinese characters, lowercase letters, and hyphens (-). Spaces or other special characters are not allowed. Otherwise, the link is invalid.

  • Precautions are marked with a right angle bracket (>).

    > Precautions
  • References should be listed at the end of the document and marked in the document.

    Add a [number] after the referenced text or image description.
    ## References
    [1] Author. [Document Name](http://xxx).
    [2] Author. Document Name.
  • Comments in the sample code must comply with the following requirements:

    • Comments are written in English.
    • Use """ to comment out Python functions, methods, and classes.
    • Use # to comment out other Python code.
    • Use // to comment out C++ code.
    Comments on Python functions, methods, and classes
    # Python code comments
    // C++ code comments
  • A blank line must be added before and after an image and an image title. Otherwise, the typesetting will be abnormal.

    Figure 1: xxx
    The following content.

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