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Mirren / Orion-Stress-TesterJavaMIT

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一个简易,高效,精准的压力测试器,支持HTTP,WebSocket,TCP spread retract

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Orion-Stress-Tester (OST)

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A simple, efficient and accurate stress tester, support HTTP, WebSocket and TCP

How to run

The project was created based on vert.x 3.8.5 ,

Operation environment requirements >= java 1.8(Running Orion-Stress-Tester without Java environment),

Coding and test environment java 1.8.0_121

Mode 1:

Download the latest release in releases, and execute the corresponding start.bat or after decompression

Mode 2:

mvn clean package
Copy the root data folder, webroot folder and orion-stress-tester-fat.jar in target to one folder for execution
java -jar  Orion-Stress-Tester-fat.jar

If you want to perform a large number of test tasks, it is recommended to set the - XMS - Xmx of the JVM according to the configuration of your own computer

Visit in browser:

Config description

The configuration file of OST is config.json in the data folder

httpPort(int): Port, default 7090
instances(int): The number of instances the test task runs. default 0 of processors. If you don't know vert.x, you don't need to worry about this configuration

Client description

The client is written based on Vue , and you can modify it through the client project Orion-Stress-Tester-Client

Client example

Image link1 Image link2

Click on the front Image link

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