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此仓库是为了提升国内下载速度的镜像仓库,每日同步一次。 原始仓库:
RISC-V Supervisor二进制接口(SBI)是以下之间的推荐接口: 在M模式下运行的特定于平台的固件,以S模式或HS模式执行的引导加载程序,管理程序或通用OS spread retract

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OpenSBI Platform Support Guideline

The OpenSBI platform support allows an implementation to define a set of platform-specific hooks (hardware manipulation functions) in the form of a struct sbi_platform data structure instance. This instance is required by the platform-independent libsbi.a to execute platform-specific operations.

Each of the reference platform supports provided by OpenSBI defines an instance of the struct sbi_platform data structure. For each supported platform, libplatsbi.a integrates this instance with libsbi.a to create a platform-specific OpenSBI static library. This library is installed in <install_directory>/platform/<platform_subdir>/lib/libplatsbi.a

OpenSBI also provides implementation examples of bootable runtime firmwares for the supported platforms. These firmwares are linked against libplatsbi.a. Firmware binaries are installed in <install_directory>/platform/<platform_subdir>/bin. These firmwares can be used as executable runtime firmwares on the supported platforms as a replacement for the legacy riskv-pk boot loader (BBL).

A complete doxygen-style documentation of struct sbi_platform and related APIs is available in the file include/sbi/sbi_platform.h.

Adding support for a new platform

Support for a new platform named can be added as follows:

  1. Create a directory named under the platform/ directory.
  2. Create a platform configuration file named under the platform// directory. This configuration file will provide compiler flags, and select firmware options.
  3. Create a platform// file for listing the platform-specific object files to be compiled.
  4. Create a platform//platform.c file providing a struct sbi_platform instance.

A platform support code template is available under the platform/template directory. Copying this directory and its content as a new directory named under the platform/ directory will create all the files mentioned above.

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