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Spring Framework Concourse pipeline

The Spring Framework uses Concourse for its CI build and other automated tasks. The Spring team has a dedicated Concourse instance available at https://ci.spring.io with a build pipeline for Spring Framework 5.3.x.

Setting up your development environment

If you’re part of the Spring Framework project on GitHub, you can get access to CI management features. First, you need to go to https://ci.spring.io and install the client CLI for your platform (see bottom right of the screen).

You can then login with the instance using:

$ fly -t spring login -n spring-framework -c https://ci.spring.io

Once logged in, you should get something like:

$ fly ts
name                  url                   team                  expiry
spring                https://ci.spring.io  spring-framework      Wed, 25 Mar 2020 17:45:26 UTC

Pipeline configuration and structure

The build pipelines are described in pipeline.yml file.

This file is listing Concourse resources, i.e. build inputs and outputs such as container images, artifact repositories, source repositories, notification services, etc.

It also describes jobs (a job is a sequence of inputs, tasks and outputs); jobs are organized by groups.

The pipeline.yml definition contains parameters which are loaded from the parameters.yml file or from our credhub instance.

You’ll find in this folder the following resources:

  • pipeline.yml the build pipeline

  • parameters.yml the build parameters used for the pipeline

  • images/ holds the container images definitions used in this pipeline

  • scripts/ holds the build scripts that ship within the CI container images

  • tasks contains the task definitions used in the main pipeline.yml

Updating the build pipeline

Updating files on the repository is not enough to update the build pipeline, as changes need to be applied.

The pipeline can be deployed using the following command:

$ fly -t spring set-pipeline -p spring-framework-5.3.x -c ci/pipeline.yml -l ci/parameters.yml
This assumes that you have credhub integration configured with the appropriate secrets.

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