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此仓库是为了提升国内下载速度的镜像仓库,每日同步一次。 原始仓库:
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App based on Material Design + MVP + Rxjava + Retrofit + Okhttp + Glide

The project is based on the idea of simplicity, make development more simple, extract the core library, can be directly introduced to fast development. Project is still in improvement, if you have good suggestions or find any problems welcomeissue,, If it help you welcome star, fork. This project only do study and communication

Blog (details):


QQ group: 482866708

中文版    English version

The Android learning data collection

Wiki 使用方法


  1. The overview (list)
  2. Image selector and expression keyboard (support dynamic expression and emoji expressions, etc.)
  3. Night and day mode switching
  4. TV
  5. Cache(No network)

Download APK (Android 5.0 or above)


  • Use Rxjava Retrofit2 okhttp to do network requests and caching
  • RxUtil is used to encapsulate thread handling and network request result processing
  • Use the RxManager to manage the subscription lifecycle
  • Use RxBus to do intercomponent communication
  • Use RxPermissions for android6.0 permission application
  • Use Material Design controls and animations
  • Use the MVP architecture throughout the project, and extract the core as a library, import core can save 50% of the code development
  • Use Glide for image processing and loading
  • Use Fragmentation to simplify the operation of Fragment and lazy loading
  • Day and night mode switching
  • Add image selector(High imitation WeChat) and expression keyboard (support dynamic expression and emoji expressions, etc.)
  • Encapsulates recyclerview and recyclerviewpager to implement pull-down refresh, pull-up loading and pagerview functionality(Just a few simple code to achieve a variety of lists, no adapter required, no need to design paging load)
  • Use x5WebView to do the reading page
  • The head of the daily home page can scroll in circles(Using the rxjava round robin and recyclerviewpager)

Method of use

Import the core library

dependencies {
    compile 'com.hpw.mvpframe:core:1.0.0'


  1. Add aop
  2. Continue to optimize
  3. There are many to do。。。


Zhihu Daily API     WeChat API     T-MVP

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