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Simplenote for iOS

A Simplenote client for iOS. Learn more about Simplenote at

Build Instructions

Download Xcode

At the moment Simplenote for iOS uses Swift 5 and requires Xcode 10.2 or newer. Xcode can be downloaded from Apple.*

Third party tools

We use a few tools to help with development. To install or update the required dependencies, run the follow command on the command line:

rake dependencies


Simplenote for iOS uses CocoaPods to manage third party libraries. Third party libraries and resources managed by CocoaPods will be installed by the rake dependencies command above.


We use SwiftLint to enforce a common style for Swift code. The app should build and work without it, but if you plan to write code, you are encouraged to install it. No commit should have lint warnings or errors.

You can set up a Git pre-commit hook to run SwiftLint automatically when committing by running:

rake git:install_hooks

This is the recommended way to include SwiftLint in your workflow, as it catches lint issues locally before your code makes its way to Github.

Alternately, a SwiftLint scheme is exposed within the project; Xcode will show a warning if you don't have SwiftLint installed.

Finally, you can also run SwiftLint manually from the command line with:

rake lint

If your code has any style violations, you can try to automatically correct them by running:

rake lint:autocorrect

Otherwise you have to fix them manually.

Open Xcode

Launch the workspace by running the following from the command line:

rake xcode

This will ensure any dependencies are ready before launching Xcode.

You can also open the project by double clicking on Simplenote.xcworkspace file, or launching Xcode and choose File > Open and browse to Simplenote.xcworkspace.

Setup Credentials

Simplenote is powered by the Simperium Sync'ing protocol. We distribute testing credentials that help us authenticate your application, and verify that the API calls being made are valid.

⚠️ Please note → We're not accepting any new Simperium accounts at this time.

After you've created your own Simperium application, copy the sample config. For example:

cp Simplenote/config-demo.plist Simplenote/config.plist

Then edit the new config.plist file and change the SPSimperiumAppID and SPSimperiumApiKey fields to the correct values for your new app.

This will allow you to compile and run the app on a device or a simulator.

Note: Simplenote API features such as sharing and publishing will not work with development builds.


Read our Contributing Guide to learn about reporting issues, contributing code, and more ways to contribute.


Simplenote for iOS is an Open Source project covered by the GNU General Public License version 2.

Happy noting!

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