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Patrick Wu   project: 3.0 start 2019-09-01
version: 3.0.0.{build}
Patrick Wu   ci: add extra rule for testing(AppVeyor) 2019-09-01
only_commits:  files:    - src/**/*    - Makefile
Patrick Wu   ci: root make install 2019-10-11
    - appveyor.yml
Patrick Wu   ci: new dependency 2020-03-01
    - tests/*
Patrick Wu   ci: update appveyor testing to VS2019 2019-10-11
image: Visual Studio 2019
Patrick Wu   checking wsl details of new AppVeyor 2019-08-31
build: Script
Patrick Wu   ci: new appveyor wsl service 2019-08-31
clone_folder: C:\project\wslu
Patrick Wu   ci: what the git 2019-08-31
install:  - git submodule update --init --recursive
Patrick Wu   ci: some new appveyor wsl testing 2019-08-31
  - ps: wsl -u root apt-get update
Patrick Wu   ci: new dependency 2020-03-01
  - ps: wsl -u root DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y bc make imagemagick gzip groff
Patrick Wu   ci: new update to check it out 2019-08-31
build_script:  - ps: wsl make
Patrick Wu   ci: appveyor update 2020-03-02
  - ps: wsl -u root make install
Patrick Wu   ci: what the git 2019-08-31
Patrick Wu   ci: last test and appveyor ci is done 2019-08-31
  - ps: wsl make test