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LyAPI是一款轻量级的PHP 接口开发框架,可快速开发出易维护、高性能的API接口。内置缓存、日志、数据库操作、国际化等功能。 spread retract

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LyAPI FrameWork

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Lyapi is a PHP Web Development Framework, which can quickly develop an easy to maintain, high-performance API System. Built in cache, logger, database operation, internationalization and other functions.

We have Tutorial Video in BiliBili : Video Link

README Version

README - Chinese


  • Data Pattern:Use config to change data pattern。
  • Internationalization:According different user to return different language。
  • File Cache:The Framework built in File Cache object。
  • Other Cahce:Encapsulation PRedis object,you can use Redis system。
  • Logger Save:You can use logger save function。
  • Database operation:Use The third party Object: Medoo、NotORM。
  • Register Tree:Save object to the Register Tree。
  • Custom Config:Can create。
  • CURL System:Encapsulation CURL system,You can get data from other API。
  • Inside Lanuch:Calling interface function directly in program to get data。
  • Cookie:Encapsulation Cookie Functions。
  • View Page Render:You can render HTML page。
  • Plugin Manager:You can install plugin,And use it。
  • Script System:Use script to develop API(Developing)。
  • Visualization Develop:Use Visualization Application Manage Framework(Developing)。
  • Project in continuous update ...

More components

We will update more components for developers to use.

How to install

Use Composer Create LyApi Project:

$ composer create-project mrxzx/lyapi

Our use BT Panel:

Chinese Course:

A Small Demo

// ./app/api/Demo.php

namespace APP\api;

use LyApi\core\API;

class Demo extends API{
    public function User(){
        return array(
            'username' => 'mrxiaozhuox',
            'password' => '12345678'

Run Result:


Image Demo

avatar avatar

Online Test

Want Use it in online?You can Use Online Trial

Online Document

Want to know more about LyAPI?You can lock Online Document

Recent Update

  • Update log in file: version.txt

Plugin Extend

LyAPI Will Constantly:

  • LyView Create HTML page
  • LyDocs Automatic generation API document
  • PConfig Plugin config system
  • VisitRecord Statistics of visits
  • More Plugin

Plugin Install

Where Can Download Plugin:

PLugin Used

All Plugin in the namespace of: plugin PS: You can use DI to get plugin:DI::PluginDyn(pluginName,pluginClass,parameter...);

Join Us

  1. Fork code to your gitee\github
  2. Write code and test it
  3. Create Pull Requests
  4. Wait administrator pass request

Open Source License

LyAPI Use MIT,More information: MIT License

Contact Author

author: mrxiaozhuox

Q Q: 3507952990

QQ Group: 769094015

My Blog:



PS: Contact me directly for any problem, and I will solve it as soon as possible.

If you find any more problems, Please create issue or add group feedback

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