基于 Spring & Spring Boot & Spring Cloud 框架,依托和集成 阿里巴巴中间件 和 Spring Cloud Alibaba 等技术栈,企业级云原生微服务的开源解决方案。微信 : 1394997

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    575 Nepxion / Discovery GVP

    ☀️ Nepxion Discovery is a solution for Spring Cloud with blue green, gray, weight, limitation, circuit breaker, degrade, isolation, tracing, dye, failover 蓝绿、灰度、权重、限流、熔断、降级、隔离、追踪、流量染色、故障转移

    Last updated: 21 days ago

    33 Nepxion / DiscoveryAgent

    ☀️ Nepxion Discovery Agent is a java agent to resolve loss of ThreadLocal in cross-thread scenario, such as Spring Async、Hystrix Thread、Runnable、Callable、Single Thread、Thread Pool、MDC 异步跨线程Agent

    Last updated: 21 days ago

    1.3K Dcat PHPer / chemex GVP


    Last updated: 7 hours ago

    1 Polaris PaaS / polaris-guide


    Last updated: 3 months ago

    111 Nepxion / DiscoveryPlatform

    ☀️ Nepxion DiscoveryPlatform is a platform for Nepxion Discovery with service governance, blue green and gray release orchestration, modelling, flow inspection 服务治理、蓝绿灰度发布编排建模、流量侦测的平台

    Last updated: 21 days ago

    8 Nepxion / DiscoveryContrib

    ☀️ Nepxion Discovery Contrib is 3rd-party such as Database, Queue Message contributions that use Nepxion Discovery 基于Nepxion Discovery的第三方非微服务范畴中间件的蓝绿灰度发布,包括数据库和消息队列等的贡献项目

    Last updated: 21 days ago

    4 Nepxion / Marvel

    💠 Nepxion Marvel is a meta-model framework based on ribbon desktop used for Comminications, Telecommunication, Mobiles

    Last updated: 3 months ago

    5 Nepxion / Mask

    🔖 Nepxion Mask is a mask component collection which are used for finance service domain

    Last updated: 3 months ago

    7 Nepxion / Zxing

    🎫 Nepxion Zxing is a general code picture generator based on google zxing framework, support QR code and EAN code for file and byte array formats 基于Google Zxing的二维码/条形码创建和扫描组件

    Last updated: 3 months ago

    8 Nepxion / Banner

    🚩 Nepxion Banner is a colorful banner display component which can show an ascii image and project informations like versions, links and so on, based on Taobao Text 彩色旗标生成器

    Last updated: 3 months ago