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Amber Zhang authored 2021-09-17 14:38 . add port intro (#45)
# Please don't use hostname, only IP can be supported
# The working directory for OceanBase Database. OceanBase Database is started under this directory. This is a required field.
home_path: /root/observer
# The directory for data storage. The default value is $home_path/store.
# data_dir: /data
# The directory for clog, ilog, and slog. The default value is the same as the data_dir value.
# redo_dir: /redo
# Please set devname as the network adaptor's name whose ip is in the setting of severs.
# if set severs as "", please set devname as "lo"
# if current ip is, and the ip's network adaptor's name is "eth0", please use "eth0"
devname: lo
mysql_port: 2881 # External port for OceanBase Database. The default value is 2881. DO NOT change this value after the cluster is started.
rpc_port: 2882 # Internal port for OceanBase Database. The default value is 2882. DO NOT change this value after the cluster is started.
zone: zone1
cluster_id: 1
# please set memory limit to a suitable value which is matching resource.
memory_limit: 8G # The maximum running memory for an observer
system_memory: 4G # The reserved system memory. system_memory is reserved for general tenants. The default value is 30G.
stack_size: 512K
cpu_count: 16
cache_wash_threshold: 1G
__min_full_resource_pool_memory: 268435456
workers_per_cpu_quota: 10
schema_history_expire_time: 1d
# The value of net_thread_count had better be same as cpu's core number.
net_thread_count: 4
sys_bkgd_migration_retry_num: 3
minor_freeze_times: 10
enable_separate_sys_clog: 0
enable_merge_by_turn: FALSE
datafile_disk_percentage: 20 # The percentage of the data_dir space to the total disk space. This value takes effect only when datafile_size is 0. The default value is 90.
syslog_level: INFO # System log level. The default value is INFO.
enable_syslog_wf: false # Print system logs whose levels are higher than WARNING to a separate log file. The default value is true.
enable_syslog_recycle: true # Enable auto system log recycling or not. The default value is false.
max_syslog_file_count: 4 # The maximum number of reserved log files before enabling auto recycling. The default value is 0.
# root_password: # root user password, can be empty