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Jira Tool Box, for speed up your workflow, easy browsing Jira ticket. spread retract

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Jira Tool Box (JTB)

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Jira Tool Box(short just JTB) is designed to speed up your workflow. It's simple to use! You can easily direct to a JIRA ticket just by enter the ID. You can browse your concerned tickets without open the Jira dashbord. Just configure the Jira Url, Project, JQL and you are ready to go! Do not need your account, just login the jira on chrome before.

Jira Tool Box! @Chrome Web Store


  • Just type the ticket ID and hit enter and are directly to the JIRA ticket page;
  • List your tickets by JQL or filter id;
  • Easy to browse your concerned ticktets;
  • Do not need you account, but you should login in from chrome before use;


See for a complete changelog.


For support please create an issue here at GitHub

Pull Requests

Feel free to submit any PRs here, too. :)

Please indent using two spaces only, have a newline at the EOF and use UNIX line ending, thanks!


# Please make sure that `yo`, `gulp` and `bower` was installed on your system using this command:
npm install --global yo gulp-cli bower

# clone the repo
git clone

# cd 
cd go-jira

npm install

# Transform updated source written by ES2015 (default option)
gulp babel

# or Using watch to update source continuously
gulp watch

# Make a production version extension
gulp build

if you meet the check shasum failed error, maybe you are in China as me, there are 3 ways to resolve:

# 1. config command
npm config set registry 
npm info underscore (it will return response)
# 2. npm cli
npm --registry info underscore 
# 3. vim ~/.npmrc 
registry =

via & thanks

Built by (c) Joey Huang and contributors. Released under the MIT license.


FOSSA Status

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