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openEuler / A-Tune-UI

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A-Tune-UI is a web project that relies on A-Tune. It supports openEuler-20.09 or later.

Installation & Usage

Approach 1: Install and use locally

1. Prepare

Some packages required for the UI, such as nodejs and npm, can only be found in openeuler-everything.iso.
Before the installation, add openeuler-everything to your Yum repo:

  1. Open openeuler.org and choose Download > Software Packages. On the page that is displayed, locate the desired image source and click Download.
  2. Click everything and click the desired architecture (x86_64/aarch64). The page address is the Yum repo URL.
  3. Configure the Yum repo using the URL.

2. Install

2-1. Install using the shell script

sh install.sh

This script will clone node-sass from Gitee by default. Users can change the URL of the node-sass package by themselves.

sh install.sh [git_url]
# For example, you can use the GitHub URL to clone code.
# sh install.sh https://github.com/sass/node-sass.git

If the installation fails, install it manually.

2-2. Install manually

1) Install dependent system software packages
yum install -y npm nodejs gcc-c++ make patch
2) Install dependent packages for NPM
npm ci
3) Compile the node-sass package
git clone -b v5 --recursive https://github.com/sass/node-sass.git
cd node-sass
git am arm-support.patch
npm i
node scripts/build -f
4) Move node-sass into A-Tune-UI
mv node-sass A-Tune-UI/node_modules

3. (Optional) Change the IP address

If your web page does not open in the local host, change your web IP address as follows:

hostname -I  # To get host IP

Open the package.json file and replace localhost with your host IP address in line 10.

4. Run

npm run start

This command will return the URL of the web page.

Note: This project is in the development phase. If you encounter any problem during installation or running, locate the problem by referring to section 4 "FAQs" in the A-Tune-UI Operation Guide. If the problem persists, submit an issue in the code repository.

Approach 2: Install and use the docker image

1. Prepare

Before installation, make sure Docker and wget tools have already been installed: (You do not need to get all code. Just get the Dockerfile.)

yum install -y docker wget
wget https://gitee.com/openeuler/A-Tune-UI/Dockerfile

2. Generate the Docker image

docker build --network=host -t atune-ui:latest .

3. Run

docker run -p <local_ip>:<local_port>:8080 -e ENG_HOST=<engine-host> -e ENG_PORT=<engine-port> atune-ui


  • local_ip should be your IP address and local_port should be a port that has not been used. After running, you can open the web page by using the URL: http://<local_ip>:<local_port>.
  • engine-host and engine-port are the same as the IP address and port information you set in the A-Tune engine.cnf file.

Note: If A-Tune is not running, you can still get the web page but there is no data on your page.

Related Information


A-Tune project: https://gitee.com/openeuler/A-Tune


A-Tune-Collector project: https://gitee.com/openeuler/A-Tune-Collector



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