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openEuler / infrastructureShellApache-2.0

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This repository contains the scripts which can be used to manage the commuity basic resources. spread retract

  • Python 85.6%
  • Shell 6.1%
  • HCL 4.1%
  • Dockerfile 2.4%
  • Smarty 1.8%
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Brief Introduction

This repository houses the scripts for community infrastructure, you are welcome to join us. any contribution will be appreciated.


|__environment --house the scripts of basic infrastructure. 
|__mail        --house the scripts of mail list system
|__website     --house the scripts of CD system
|__docs        --house the design docs
|__assets      --house the basic assets. e.g. images.

Currently, all systems are running in huaweicloud CCE engine as container, we appreciate anyone who is will to contribute your infrastructure resource into our community. thanks.


Our mail list system is based on (Mailman + Exim4 + Postgres), thanks to maxking and inifum, our most of the docker files are built on their version.


Now all codes are under apache v2.0 license.


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