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NEEN authored 2022-05-09 16:21 . update dco link

How to Contribute

Contributing Code

Before You Start

Signing the Developer Certificate of Origin

You must sign the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) before you can contribute to the community.

Click here to sign the DCO, and click here to check the signing status.

Code of Conduct

OpenHarmony is an open source community that relies entirely on the friendly, welcoming environment of the community. Read and abide by the community's Code of Conduct before contributing to the community.

Finding the SIG Group You Are Interested

For details about how to participate in Special Interest Group (SIG), see SIG Governance.

Starting Contributing

For details about how to contribute to code, see Code Contributing .


For details about how to develop test cases based on test requirements, see Test Subsystem.

Contributing Documents

For details, see Documentation Contribution.

Communication in Community

For details, see Communication in Community.

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