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马明帅 authored 2021-06-02 01:00 . update OpenHarmony 2.0 Canary

Hi3516 Development Board


Hi3516D V300 is a next-generation system on chip (SoC) designed for the industry-dedicated smart HD IP camera. It introduces a next-generation image signal processor (ISP), the H.265 video compression encoder, and a high-performance NNIE engine, leading the industry in terms of low bit rate, high image quality, intelligent processing and analysis, and low power consumption.

Figure 1 Front view of the Hi3516D V300 board

Development Board Specifications

Table 1 Specifications of the Hi3516 development board



Processor and internal memory

  • Hi3516D V300
  • DDR3 1GB
  • 8 GB eMMC4.5

External components

  • Ethernet port
  • Audio and video
    • One voice input
    • One mono (AC_L) output, connected to a 3 W power amplifier (LM4871)
    • MicroHDMI (one HDMI 1.4)
  • Camera
    • Sensor IMX335
    • M12 lens with a focal length of 4 mm and an aperture of 1.8
  • Display
    • 2.35-inch LCD connector
    • 5.5-inch LCD connector
  • External components and interfaces
    • microSD card interface
    • JTAG/I2S interface
    • ADC interface
    • Steer gear interface
    • Grove connector
    • USB2.0(Type C)
    • Three function keys: two custom keys and one update key
    • LED indicator (including green and red)