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HiStreamer is the foundation module of the multimedia subsystem. It provides a processing pipeline and plug-ins required by the media framework, such as the file source, codecs, muxer and demuxer, and audio and video data processor.

Logical architecture

As a media engine, HiStreamer connects to player_framework (on a Standard device) or media_lite (on a Mini or Small device) and provides application apis externally. It is divided into three layers:

  • Application scenario Encapsulation layer: for example, HiPlayer and HiRecorder.
  • Pipeline framework layer: including Pipeline framework, each Filter node implementation.
  • Plug-in layer: includes plug-in framework, various plug-ins.

Logical architecture diagram

Plugin list

The HiStreamer plug-in list is as follows:

The plug-in name path External dependencies License function applicable scene
FFMPEG Adapter plugins/ffmpeg_adapter FFMPEG LGPL etc. Decapsulation: mp3, m4a, mp4, wav
Decode: mp3, aac
Small/Standard devices that support dynamic linking
File Source plugins/source/file_source FileSystem Apache Reading file data All the device
Minimp3 Adapter plugins/minimp3_adapter minimp3 CC0 Decapsulation: mp3
decode : mp3
All the device
Minimp4 Demuxer plugins/demuxer/minimp4_demuxer minimp4 CC0 Decapsulation: m4a All the device
Aac Demuxer plugins/demuxer/aac_demuxer NA Apache Decapsulation: aac All the device
HDI Sink plugins/hdi_adapter Audio HDI Apache play music mini/small device

Directory Structure

The structure of the repository directory is as follows:

/foundation/multimedia/histreamer      # HiStreamer media engine component business code
├─LICENSE                              # The license file
├─engine                               # The engine code
│  ├─foundation                        # Basic tool classes, including OS adaptation
│  ├─include                           # Expose the necessary header files for calling histreamer in other modules, including calling pipeline/filter or calling plugins.
│  │  ├─foundation                     # Basic tool library of histreamer, including logging, buffer tools, operating system adaptation, language extensions, etc.
│  │  ├─pipeline                       # Header files for the pipeline framework, mainly the pipeline/filter interface.
│  │  └─plugin                         # Header files for the "plugin" subfolder of the engine
│  │  	├─common                       # Basic type header files required for plugin interfaces
│  │  	└─interface                    # Plugin interfaces
│  ├─pipeline                          # pipeline framework
│  │  ├─core                           # pipeline core implementation
│  │  ├─factory                        # filter factory
│  │  └─filters                        # Several filter node implementations
│  │      ├─codec                      # Codec node implementation
│  │      ├─common                     # Basic type definitions required by filters
│  │      ├─demux                      # Decapsulation node implementation
│  │      ├─muxer                      # Capsulation node implementation
│  │      ├─sink                       # Output node implementation
│  │      └─source                     # Data source node implementation
│  ├─plugin                            # plug-in
│  │  ├─common                         # The underlying type definitions on which the plug-in interface depends
│  │  ├─core                           # Plug-in framework
│  │  └─plugins                        # Several plug-in implementations
│  │      ├─codec_adapter              # Codec adapter
│  │      ├─minimp3_adapter            # minimp3 adapter
│  │      ├─ffmpeg_adapter             # FFMPEG adaption (adaption into encapsulation and decapsulation, codec plug-in)
│  │      ├─hdi_adapter                # HDI adapter (adapter to output plug-in)
│  │      ├─lite_aac_decoder           # Lite AAC decoder plugin
│  │      ├─demuxer                    # Unpack plugin
│  │      ├─sink                       # Output plug-in
│  │      └─source                     # Data source plug-in
│  ├─scene                             # Playback and recording scenes
│  │  ├─common                         # Common basic type definitions
│  │  ├─lite                           # interface implementation for integration with lite devices
│  │  ├─player                         # Playback scene
│  │  ├─recorder                       # Recording scene
│  │  └─standard                       # interface implementation for integration with standard devices
└─interface                            # Engine external interface

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