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Introduction to the handling process and operation modes of security issues | 安全问题响应处理流程和运作方式介绍 spread retract

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Response to Security Issues

English | 简体中文

This document describes the process and operations for responding to and handling security issues.


  • Assist in fixing vulnerabilities: Ensure that known vulnerabilities are fixed in a timely manner. Help users fix vulnerabilities to guard against attacks, including providing vulnerability detection and repairing tools.
  • Handle security issues: Respond to reported security issues, track the handling progress of the issues, and disclose security issues in the community based on their disclosure policies.
  • Participate in code review: Help the team discover vulnerabilities in advance.


The security issue response team has the following members:

Meeting Time

  • 10:00–12:00 every Wednesday, through regular meeting

Contacting the Security Issue Response Team

To get the best and fastest response, contact the security issue response team in either of the following ways.

List or Group Description Purpose
scy@openharmony.io Security issue email You can send OpenHarmony security issues to this email.
scy-priv@openharmony.io Security group email list The security group members can subscribe to this email list to discuss security issues.

Secure Release Process

For details about how to report security issues and obtain security patches, see Security Disclosure Guide.

For details about how to obtain the security issue handling process and security policies of the OpenHarmony community, seeSecurity Handling Process.

Community Discussion and Support

Learn more about OpenHarmony and how to perform security interactions in Community.



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