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openLooKeng / hetu-core

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openLooKeng leverages the well-known open-source SQL engine - Trino(formerly known as PrestoSQL), to provide the capability of interactive analysis on multiple data sources. Therefore, this directory includes documentations derived from Trino 316, which is licensed under Apache 2.0. It also inherits the directory organization and structure of presto-docs to help in easy browsing for existing developers/users. However, modifications were made to those sections to introduce new features and improvements within openLooKeng.

Below are the list of major changes:

  1. Removed the documentations of unused connectors.
  2. Added documentations for new connectors, such as: Carbondata, HBase, Hana, Datacenter, VDM, etc.
  3. Added documentations for new features, such as: HA, Filesystem, Indexer, Auto Scale, Dynamic Catalog, etc.
  4. Added documentations for new SQL syntax , such as: Update, Insert Overwrite, Vacuum, Delete, Create Transactional Table, Create Table with Location, etc.
  5. Added documentations for new tools, such as: sql-migration-tool, auto installation.
  6. Added documentations for the improvements, such as: Implicit data type conversion, Hive connector, Operator pushdown, etc.


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