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一款专为算法竞赛设计的跨平台轻量级 IDE | 获取样例,编译,运行,测试,提交,一气呵成! spread retract

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CP Editor

CP Editor is a Qt-based, lightweight and cross-platform code editor specially designed for competitive programming.

It makes your competitive coding life easier :grin: by automating many things for you.

Features | Installation | Usage | Changelog | Contributing | FAQ | 中文

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Get Started


Get help

  1. Read the manual and the FAQ first, also go through the menus and preferencecs to see if there are what you are looking for.
  2. Ask Google first if it's not very editor-related. (e.g. How to install Clang Format? What does this compilation error mean?)
  3. Search in the Issues and make sure your bug report/feature request is not duplicated.
  4. Please follow the issue template and provide detailed information, it will help us to give you better feedback.
  5. If it's a feature request or bug report rather than a question, please open an issue instead of asking on Telegram so that it can be tracked easier.


  • I am using Java and the editor can't run my codes.
    • You have to use a non-public class named a for your solution.
  • I get DLL Missing error when launching the application?
  • How to use whole-application dark theme?
    • It's only available on some platforms including KDE and MacOS. Just set the system theme, and CP Editor will use the same theme. It's also possible to use different themes via the command-line option --style, but it's a feature provided by Qt, not by CP Editor, and does NOT work on all platforms.
  • How to fetch testcases from the websites?
    • You have to install Competitive Companion on your browser, and use it on the website while CP Editor is running.
  • How to submit to CF inside the editor?
    • You have to either parse the problem from Competitive Companion, or set the problem URL in the right-click menu of the tabs. Then you'll see the submit button.
  • I am using it on Codeforces but the submit button is not clickable.
    • It's because the editor can't run the cf command. Please make sure it's in the PATH or set the path to it in the Preferences.
  • When I click the Submit button, I get some message saying template is required?
    • cf tool requires you to configure it before you use it. Please run cf config to set the username & password and add a template.
  • I got an invalid payload when parsing sample testcases?
    • Please try restarting the browser and the editor. It's known that there are few people always fail on this even after restarting, and Firefox is more stable than Google Chrome. We're really sorry if it always fails, you can change a browser as for now, we will try our best to investigate it.


GNU General Public License Version 3.0

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