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PaddlePaddle / PaddleRecPythonApache-2.0

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大规模推荐模型训练工具 spread retract

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What is recommendation system ?

  • Recommendation system helps users quickly find useful and interesting information from massive data.

  • Recommendation system is also a silver bullet to attract users, retain users, increase users' stickness or conversionn.

    Who can better use the recommendation system, who can gain more advantage in the fierce competition.

    At the same time, there are many problems in the process of using the recommendation system, such as: huge data, complex model, inefficient distributed training, and so on.

What is PaddleRec ?

Getting Started

Environmental requirements

  • Python 2.7/ 3.5 / 3.6 / 3.7

  • PaddlePaddle >= 1.7.2

  • operating system: Windows/Mac/Linux

    Linux is recommended for distributed training


  1. Install by pip
python -m pip install paddle-rec

This method will download and install paddlepaddle-v1.7.2-cpu. If PaddlePaddle can not be installed automatically,You need to install PaddlePaddle manually,and then install PaddleRec again:

  • Download PaddlePaddle and install by pip.
  • Install PaddlePaddle by pip,python -m pip install paddlepaddle==1.7.2 -i
  • Other installation problems can be raised in Paddle Issue or PaddleRec Issue
  1. Install by source code
  • Install PaddlePaddle

    python -m pip install paddlepaddle==1.7.2 -i
  • Install PaddleRec by source code

    git clone
    cd PaddleRec
    python install
  • Install PaddleRec-GPU

    After installing PaddleRec,please install the appropriate version of paddlepaddle-gpu according to your environment (CUDA / cudnn),refer to the installation tutorial Installation Manuals

Quick Start

We take the dnn algorithm as an example to get start of PaddleRec, and we take 100 pieces of training data from Criteo Dataset:

# Training with cpu
python -m -m paddlerec.models.rank.dnn  



Introductory Project

Introductory tutorial

Advanced tutorial




Release License Slack

Version history

  • 2020.06.17 - PaddleRec v0.1.0
  • 2020.06.03 - PaddleRec v0.0.2
  • 2020.05.14 - PaddleRec v0.0.1


Apache 2.0 license

Contact us

For any feedback, please propose a GitHub Issue

You can also communicate with us in the following ways:

  • QQ group id:861717190
  • Wechat account:paddlerec2020


PaddleRec QQ Group               PaddleRec Wechat account

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