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mintty authored 2020-06-13 07:34 . check year for pkg build
# Interesting make targets:
# - exe: Just the executable. This is the default.
# - tar: Source tarball.
# - zip: Zip for standalone release.
# - pkg: Cygwin package.
# - html: HTML version of the manual page.
# - pdf: PDF version of the manual page.
# - clean: Delete generated files.
# - upload: Upload cygwin packages for publishing.
# - ann: Create cygwin announcement mail.
# - _: Create language translation template, update translation files.
# Variables intended for setting on the make command line.
# - RELEASE: release number for packaging
# - TARGET: target triple for cross compiling
# To add a file to the distribution:
# src: add to make variable below: arch_files += ...
# bin: add to cygwin/mintty.cygport
NAME := mintty
#cd src; $(MAKE) exe
#cd src; $(MAKE) bin
cd src; $(MAKE)
cd src; $(MAKE) zip
html: docs/$(NAME).1.html
cd src; $(MAKE) pdf
cd src; $(MAKE) clean
version := \
$(shell echo $(shell echo VERSION | cpp -P $(CPPFLAGS) --include src/appinfo.h))
name_ver := $(NAME)-$(version)
changelogversion := $(shell sed -e '1 s,^\#* *\([0-9.]*\).*,\1,' -e t -e d wiki/Changelog.md)
echo checking same version in changelog and source
test "$(version)" = "$(changelogversion)"
echo $(version) > VERSION
DIST := release
TARUSER := --owner=root --group=root --owner=mintty --group=cygwin
arch_files := Makefile LICENSE* INSTALL VERSION
arch_files += src/Makefile src/*.c src/*.h src/*.rc src/*.mft
arch_files += src/[!_]*.t src/mk*
arch_files += tools/mintheme tools/getemojis
arch_files += lang/*.pot lang/*.po
arch_files += themes/*[!~] sounds/*.wav sounds/*.WAV sounds/*.md
arch_files += cygwin/*.cygport cygwin/README cygwin/setup.hint cygwin/mintty-debuginfo.hint
arch_files += docs/*.1 docs/*.html icon/*
arch_files += wiki/*
#arch_files += scripts/*
generated := docs/$(NAME).1.html
docs/$(NAME).1.html: docs/$(NAME).1
cd src; $(MAKE) html
cp docs/$(NAME).1.html mintty.github.io/
src := $(DIST)/$(name_ver).tar.gz
tar: $(generated) $(src)
$(src): $(arch_files)
mkdir -p $(DIST)
rm -rf $(name_ver)
mkdir $(name_ver)
#cp -ax --parents $^ $(name_ver)
cp -dl --parents $^ $(name_ver)
rm -f $@
tar czf $@ --exclude="*~" $(TARUSER) $(name_ver)
rm -rf $(name_ver)
REL := 1
arch := $(shell uname -m)
cygport := $(name_ver)-$(REL).cygport
pkg: $(DIST) ver cop tar check _ srcpkg binpkg
mkdir $(DIST)
cd src; $(MAKE) check
grep YEAR.*`date +%Y` src/appinfo.h
cd src; $(MAKE) _
cp cygwin/mintty.cygport $(DIST)/$(cygport)
cd $(DIST); cygport $(cygport) prep
cd $(DIST); cygport $(cygport) compile install
# cygport packages would reveal user information;
# with $$(TARUSER) in $${TAR_OPTIONS}, they are reduced to numeric,
# but strangely still the local ids:
#cd $(DIST); TAR_OPTIONS="$(TARUSER)" cygport $(cygport) package
# this succeeds to record owner/group "0/0" in the archives:
#cd $(DIST); TAR_OPTIONS="--owner=0 --group=0" cygport $(cygport) package
# but we've already established the explicit archive build,
# which records owner/group "mintty/cygwin" in the archives:
# binary package:
cd $(DIST)/$(name_ver)-$(REL).$(arch)/inst; tar cJf ../$(name_ver)-$(REL).tar.xz $(TARUSER) usr/bin etc usr/share
# debug package:
cd $(DIST)/$(name_ver)-$(REL).$(arch)/inst; tar cJf ../$(NAME)-debuginfo-$(version)-$(REL).tar.xz $(TARUSER) usr/lib/debug usr/src/debug
srcpkg: $(DIST)/$(name_ver)-$(REL)-src.tar.xz
# deprecated:
#$(DIST)/$(name_ver)-$(REL)-src.tar.xz: $(DIST)/$(name_ver)-src.tar.bz2
# cp cygwin/mintty.cygport $(DIST)/$(cygport)
# cd $(DIST); tar cJf $(name_ver)-$(REL)-src.tar.xz $(TARUSER) $(name_ver)-src.tar.bz2 $(name_ver)-$(REL).cygport
# let's make the source package a .tar.gz (not -src.tar.bz2) to be
# consistent with github and support cygport magic package name handling:
$(DIST)/$(name_ver)-$(REL)-src.tar.xz: $(DIST)/$(name_ver).tar.gz
cp cygwin/mintty.cygport $(DIST)/$(cygport)
cd $(DIST); tar cJf $(name_ver)-$(REL)-src.tar.xz $(TARUSER) $(name_ver).tar.gz $(name_ver)-$(REL).cygport
REL=$(REL) cygwin/upload.sftp
ann: announcement
echo To: cygwin-announce@cygwin.com > $(announcement)
echo Subject: Updated: mintty $(version) >> $(announcement)
echo >> $(announcement)
echo I have uploaded mintty $(version) with the following changes: >> $(announcement)
sed -n -e 1d -e "/^#/ q" -e p wiki/Changelog.md >> $(announcement)
echo The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/ >> $(announcement)
echo It also links to the issue tracker. >> $(announcement)
echo >> $(announcement)
echo ------ >> $(announcement)
echo Thomas >> $(announcement)

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