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qdzhaov authored 2020-11-20 19:30 . stage A v3.4.3-Br1

enhanced mintty

branch from github.com/mintty/mintty 3.4.3
Please report bugs or suggest enhancements via the github issue tracker. or gitee issue tracker.

main enhancement:

  • surport multiple Tab followed fatty,
  • Add control mode,So can release many hotkeys,it's helpfull for tmux+vim
  • surport partline last line can be partline,usrful for tmux
  • Control config dialog fontsize
  • Surport Win+key as shortcuts key,all confict key with windows,will overide it.
  • optimize shortcuts key
    easy use ,easy read,high effcient
    user define shortcuts easy an high effcient
  • TODO: Todo: user define shortcuts in config dialog
    Todo: add user define shortcuts for every function
    Todo: have many global vars,decrease it
    Todo: add fast start surport
    Todo: verify all global variable (include static,member of config ) is term independ.
  • Important:
    the golbal variable is term depend,should be in parameter,term is used many many times,
    I can't modify it,I use global pointer cterm,be sure it pointer to correct term.

tab control shortcuts

win+Left        prevtab  
win+right       nexttab  
win+Shift+Left  tabmovetoprev  
win+Shift+Right tabmovetoNext  
win+Q           Quit  
win+w           CloseTab  
win+T           newtab  
win+X           Enter Control mode
win+Z           minisize  

enter control mode:

double ctrl A;


. fast press 3 times

or Win+X

S+LEFT  or S+H : tabmovetoprev  
  LEFT  or   H : prev tab  
S+RIGHT or S+L : tabmovetonext  
  RIGHT or   L : next tab  
'1' ... '9'    : tab_go(x)  
     SPACE     : selectmode  
'-' : zoomout  
'+' : zoomin  
'0' : zoomrest   
'A' : select_all  
'C' : copy  
'G' : win_tab_show  
'I' : win_tab_indicator  
'K' : win_tog_partline  
'O' : win_tog_scrollbar  
'M' : popup_menu  
'N' : newwin   
'P' : change pointer  
'R' : RESET  
'S' : SEARCH  
'T' : new_tab  
'V' : paste  
'W' : close  


cfg.key_commands is a string for user define shortcuts;

usage :

mode is:

S= Shift; A= Alt; C= Ctrl; W= Win

LS=LShift; LA=LAlt; LC=LCtrl; LW=LWin

RS=RShift; RA=RAlt; RC=RCtrl; RW=RWin

  set : 
  Alt+C to close tab
  A+RETURN to fullscreen
  A+F4 to nothing; this will override orgin def

Mintty is the Cygwin Terminal emulator, also available for MSYS and Msys2.


For an introduction, features overview, and screenshots, see the Mintty homepage, with an opportunity to donate to appreciate mintty.

For detailed hints and specific issues, see the Wiki.

For comprehensive general documentation, see the manual page.

Bugs and Enhancements

Please report bugs or suggest enhancements via the issue tracker.

Bugs that were reported to the previous repository at Google code before June, 2015, have been migrated here.

  • Mind! Before reporting an issue about character interaction with an application, please check the issue also with at least one other terminal (xterm, urxvt), and maybe the Cygwin Console. It may also be useful to get a proper understanding of the rôle of a terminal as explained e.g. in difference between a 'terminal', a 'shell', a 'tty' and a 'console'.


If you consider to suggest a patch or contribute to mintty otherwise, discuss your proposal in an issue first, or on the Cygwin mailing list, or with the maintainer.

  • Repository policy: No unsolicited pull requests!

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