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MySQL Sniffer 是一个基于 MySQL 协议的抓包工具,实时抓取 MySQLServer 端或 Client 端请求,并格式化输出。输出内容包括访问时间、访问用户、来源 IP、访问 Database、命令耗时、返回数据行数、执行语句等。有批量抓取多个端口,后台运行,日志分割等多种使用方式,操作便捷,输出友好。 spread retract

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MySQL Sniffer 中文介绍

MySQL Sniffer is a network traffic analyzer tool for MySQL, it is developed by Qihoo DBA and infrastructure team. This commandline tool captures and analyzes packets destined for a MySQL server or Client, and outputs them in a standard log format including access time, users, IP, database, query_time, rows number and query.

MySQL Sniffer also analyzer Atlas's network traffic. Atlas is a MySQL protocol-based database middleware project,github:

System requirements:

  • Certified to run on CentOS v6
  • Commandline access to the server with root privileges


./mysql-sniffer -h
Usage mysql-sniffer [-d] -i eth0 -p 3306,3307,3308 -l /var/log/mysql-sniffer/ -e stderr
         [-d] -i eth0 -r 3000-4000
         -d daemon mode.
         -s how often to split the log file(minute, eg. 1440). if less than 0, split log everyday
         -i interface. Default to eth0
         -p port, default to 3306. Multiple ports should be splited by ','. eg. 3306,3307
            this option has no effect when -f is set.
         -r port range, Don't use -r and -p at the same time
         -l query log DIRECTORY. Make sure that the directory is accessible. Default to stdout.
         -e error log FILENAME or 'stderr'. if set to /dev/null, runtime error will not be recorded
         -f filename. use pcap file instead capturing the network interface
         -w white list. dont capture the port. Multiple ports should be splited by ','.
         -t truncation length. truncate long query if it's longer than specified length. Less than 0 means no truncation
         -n keeping tcp stream count, if not set, default is 65536. if active tcp count is larger than the specified count, mysql-sniffer will remove the oldest one


git clone
cd mysql-sniffer
mkdir proj
cd proj
cmake ../
cd bin/




git clone
cd mysql-sniffer
mkdir proj
cd proj
cmake ../
cd bin/


More MySQL Sniffer information, Atlas and some other technology please pay attention to our Hulk platform official account or QQ:104180820



Thanks for the contributions yihaoDeng and winkyao have made for MySQL Sniffer

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