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The distributed file system based on Spring Boot + VUE CLI@3 framework is designed to provide a simple and convenient file storage scheme for users and enterprises. It can manage files with a perfect directory structure system.

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Open source that

System 100% open source The software follows the MIT open source protocol

You can build on it to improve its functionality and become a contributor to this project

You can also use this project as a scaffold for other projects

Function is introduced

The user action

  1. User login and registration

File operations

  1. Users can add, delete and modify the directory structure
  2. Provide drag and drop to upload and downloading of files, support screenshot paste directly upload pictures
  3. Support online decompression of ZIP files and RAR files
  4. Support files and directories to move and copy
  5. Classified view of multiple file formats
  6. Support AliCloud OSS object storage and FastDFS storage
  7. Added sharding uploading, which supports local storage, Ali Cloud OSS and FastDFS
  8. Support high speed second transmission function to improve uploading efficiency
  9. The foreground of uploading files displays the progress, rate, percentage and other information of uploading files in real time
  10. Support file renaming
  11. Display file storage and total capacity in real time
  12. Support ElasticSearch file search
  13. Support to share files with others and view the list of files you have shared
  14. Provide picture online preview, video online preview, audio online preview, PDF, JSON, TXT and other commonly used text file online preview, support Office online preview
  15. ……

The source address

The project name The source address
The front project https://gitee.com/qiwen-cloud/qiwen-file-web
The background project https://gitee.com/qiwen-cloud/qiwen-file

Network topology


Software architecture

The project was developed and deployed in a front-end separation approach, using the following key technologies

Front:Element UI、Vue CLI@3、Node.js、Webpack

**Background **:Spring Boot、MyBatis、JPA、JWT

Database : MySQL

Data Structure:Recursive algorithms, tree traversal and insertion...

Directions for use

1、This project is the front-end code

2、Download the back-end code, you can access the address to pull:qiwen-file

Deployment instructions

Please move to Qiwenshare 手把手教你部署奇文网盘

Screenshots of some functions

1. The cloud home page

1.1 The page layout

  • Left menu bar area: display file type, click to view files by category, the bottom shows the occupied storage space.
  • Top file operation area: including operation button group for files, switch button group for file viewing mode, and set button for file display column.
  • Right file display area: including breadcrumb navigation bar -- identifies the directory currently located; File display area -- the display format will change according to the file viewing mode; Bottom paging component.


1.2 Layout adjustment function

The left menu bar is collapsible, and the table operation column is collapsible. You can control the display and hiding of the columns in the current table.


1.3 Batch operation function


2. Three viewing modes

File viewing supports three presentation modes (list, grid, and timeline)

2.1 List Mode


2.2 Grid Mode


2.3 Timeline Mode


3. Create a folder


4. File icon resize

Manual resizing of ICONS is supported in grid mode and timeline mode:


5. Move files


6. Online file decompression


7. There are three ways to upload files

7.1 File fragmentation upload

文件采用分片上传,集成了simiple-uplader的文件秒传断点续传功能。 文件上传

7.2 Drag and drop uploads


7.3 Paste and upload the screenshot

After taking the screenshot directly with any screenshot tool, use Ctrl + V to paste the image in the drag and drop area and click Upload to upload the image.


8. Document Recycle Bin


9. Files are shared individually and in batches

  1. Support single and batch file sharing to others:


  2. You can select the expiration time and whether you want to extract the code:


  3. Provide quick copy link and extract code to others:


    Paste sharing link and extract code effect:

  4. Others view the shared content, and support the function of saving to network disk:


10. Support to view the list of files you have shared

Support quick copy of the sharing link and extraction code in the list, and mark the sharing time and expiration status:


11. Video Preview Online

When the file type is video, click to open the preview window and display the playlist. It supports fast forward, backward, pause, double speed playback, full-screen playback, download video and fold playlist.


12. Audio online playback


Contact us

If you have any questions, please join the QQ group consultation

**QQ communication group ** and WeChat public account please scan the following QR code


The development of this project cannot be achieved without the support of other excellent open source projects. I would like to thank the following open source projects:

Participate in the contribution

  1. Fork the warehouse
  2. Create a new branch: Feat_xxx
  3. Submit code
  4. Create a new Pull Request

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【奇文网盘】基于Spring Boot 2 + VUE CLI@3框架开发的分布式文件管理系统-- 前台 spread retract
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