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React Suite 是 HYPERS 前端团队和 UX 团队开源的一套基于 React 的 UI 组件库,能够帮助您快速构建一个企业级应用。 spread retract

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English | 中文版

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React Suite is a set of react component libraries for enterprise system products. It is a well-thought-out and developer-friendly UI framework.

UI Design

React Suite Design Prototype and specification, click to view.

Supported Platforms


React Suite supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms. IE<=9 is no longer supported since React Suite 3.0. React Suite is designed and implemented for use on modern desktop browsers rather than mobile browsers.

IE Edge Firefox Chrome Safari
>=10 >=14 >= 45 >= 49 >= 10


React Suite supports server side rendering. Support Next.js to build applications.

Supported development environment


React Suite is available as an npm package.

npm i rsuite --save

or if you prefer Yarn

yarn add rsuite


Here's a simple example

import { Button } from 'rsuite';
import 'rsuite/lib/styles/index.less'; // or 'rsuite/dist/styles/rsuite-default.css'

ReactDOM.render(<Button>Button</Button>, mountNode);

Live preview on CodeSandbox


You can go through full documentation or start with following sections

Previous old version



Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.


You can learn about our development plan through Projects and hope that you can get involved.

  1. Fork this repo.
$ git clone<YOUR NAME>/rsuite.git
$ cd rsuite
$ npm install
$ npm run dev
  1. Fork this repo.
$ git clone<YOUR NAME>/
$ cd
$ npm install
$ npm run dev
  1. Your show time. Open url in browser.


Make sure you've read the guidelines before you start contributing.

Editor preferences are available in the .prettierrc for easy use in common code editors. Read more and download plugins at

Supporting React Suite

If you like React Suite, you can show your support by either

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


React Suite is MIT licensed. Copyright (c) 2016-present, HYPERS.

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