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2021-09-26 17:26
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5.0.0 (2021-09-26)

Bug Fixes

  • DateRangePicker: support time selection (#1882) (59779ef)
  • picker: [TS] fix the missing definition of size in Pickers (#1926) (6497698)
  • sidenav: accent dropdown icon w/ active item (#1913) (efa389c)
  • sidenav: fix nav item not activated in collapsed sidenav (#1918) (59fe040)

New Features v5 and Migration from v4

Last committed message: build: bump 5.0.0 (#1930)
2019-09-20 10:21
11573 simonet 1578914782 simonguo


September 9, 2019

  • Feature: Add <Placeholder>. (#418,#420,#423)
  • Feature: Add <List>. (#451)
  • Feature: Add <Calendar>. (#492)
  • Feature: Add <Avatar>.(#486)
  • Feature: Add <Badge>.(#484)
  • Feature: Support size on all Picker.(#494)
  • Feature: Support dark theme.(#544)
  • Feature: Support for asynchronous validation in <Form>, based on Schema. (#570)
  • Feature: Support for expandItemValues on <TreePicker> and <CheckTreePicker>.(#569)
  • Feature: Support readOnly prop on <FormControl>. (#432)
  • Feature: Support plaintext prop on <FormControl>. (#448,#449)
  • Feature: <Whisper> and all Picker components support the preventOverfow property to prevent overflow. (#443)
  • Improve: Adjust swatch algorithm to adjust font color contrast. (#433)
  • Improve: Migrate from Flow to Typescript. ([#531])
  • Improve: Support showWeekNumbers on and . ([#526] @viart)
  • Breaking: Adjust the value of <Whisper> with all Picker components placement properties.(#443)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the <Uploader> upload file was larger than 1GB.(#536)
  • Bugfix: Fixed compatibility issue with <Input> on IE browser display. (#507)
  • Bugfix: Fixed <InputPicker> on the keyboard Delete key will clear the input worthy question. (#577)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where <Dropdown> set toggleComponentClass={Button} background style error.(#525)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where styles were missing when introduced on demand.(#567)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where <DatePicker> disabled day and inactive month were inconsistent.(#595)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the scrollbar position was not updated after the <Table> data was updated.(#table-92)
  • Bugfix: Fixed <Table> property expandedRowKeys The update value is not controlled. (#table-90)
  • Bugfix: Fixed callback <Table> property onRowClick's callback parameter is missing event. (#table-89)
  • Bugfix: Fixed support for focus events by the <Form> component.(#566)
  • Bugfix: Modified the default separator for <Breadcrumb>.(#543)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where <Slider> did not update the position of the handle after the change from hidden to display state.(#542)

  • Feature: 支持 <Placeholder> 组件。 (#418,#420,#423)
  • Feature: 支持 <List> 组件。 (#451)
  • Feature: 支持 <Calendar> 组件。(#492)
  • Feature: 支持 <Avatar> 组件。(#486)
  • Feature: 支持 <Badge> 组件。(#484)
  • Feature: <Picker> 组件支持 size 属性。(#494)
  • Feature: 支持 dark 主题。(#544)
  • Feature: <Form>组件基于 Schema 支持异步校验。(#570)
  • Feature: <TreePicker><CheckTreePicker> 支持 expandItemValues 属性。(#569)
  • Feature: <FormControl> 组件支持 readOnly 属性。 (#432)
  • Feature: <FormControl> 组件支持 plaintext 属性。 (#448,#449)
  • Feature: <Whisper> 组件与所有的 Picker 组件支持 preventOverfow 属性,防止溢出。
  • Improve: 调整色板算法,调整字体颜色对比度。 (#433)
  • Improve: 从 Flow 迁移到 Typescript。 ([#531])
  • Improve: <DatePicker><DateRangePicker>组件支持 showWeekNumbers 属性,显示周数 。([#526] @viart)
  • Breaking: 调整 <Whisper> 组件与所有的 <Picker> 组件 placement 属性的值。(#443)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <Uploader> 上传文件大于 1GB 显示问题。(#536)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <Input> 在 IE 浏览器显示上的兼容性问题。 (#507)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <InputPicker> 在键盘 Delete 键会清除输入值得问题。(#577)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <Dropdown> 设置 toggleComponentClass={Button} 背景样式错误的问题。(#525)
  • Bugfix: 修复了按需引入时候样式缺失的问题。 (#567)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <DatePicker> 禁用日与禁用月不一致的问题。(#595)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <Table> 数据更新后滚动条位置不更新的问题。(#table-92)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <Table> 属性 expandedRowKeys 更新值不受控。 (#table-90)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <Table> 属性 onRowClick 的回调参数缺少 event。 (#table-89)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <Form> 组件对 focus 事件的支持。(#566)
  • Bugfix: 修改了 <Breadcrumb> 的默认分隔符。(#543)
  • Bugfix: 修复了 <Slider> 在从隐藏到显示状态变化后,手柄的位置不更新的问题。(#542)
Last committed message: bump 4.0.0
2018-05-18 16:35
11573 simonet 1578914782 simonguo
  • Bugfix: 所有的 Picker 组件,默认为 inline-block
  • Chore: 创建 CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md 文件
  • Feature: Support onChangeCalendarDate on <DatePicker>
  • Chore: 更新 travis 文件,用于自动化发布
  • Bugfix: 删除了内部冗余的函数 isNullOrUndefined
  • Bugfix: 修复多出打字错误
  • Bugfix: 修复 rsuite-schema 获取 Unicode 字符串的长度时遇到问题
Last committed message: bump 3.0.5
2018-05-18 16:34
11573 simonet 1578914782 simonguo


  • Bugfix: 修复在 Container组件内容如果出现 false 报错的问题
  • Bugfix: 修复 Nav 二级菜单可以自定义位置
  • Bugfix:修复 tplTransform 函数
  • Bugfix: 修复 error message 在 Modal 中不能完整展示的问题
  • Chore: 更新 Babel 配置
  • Bugfix: 修复 Picker 在 Model 中 z-index 错误的问题
Last committed message: Update .travis.yml to build on tags
2018-05-18 16:33
11573 simonet 1578914782 simonguo


  • Bugfix: 修复当 Datepickervalue改变时, pageDate 没有更新的问题.
  • Bugfix: 修复 InputNumber 小数精度丢失的问题.
  • Feature: AutoComplete 组件中在 data 属性中支持配置 {value,label}
  • Feature: AutoComplete 添加对键盘事件处理
  • Feature: 所有的 Picker 添加 menuClassName 属性,可以自定义菜单 CSS 的 class
Last committed message: bump 3.0.2
2018-04-25 13:55
11573 simonet 1578914782 simonguo
  • A brand new style.
  • Support react 16+.
  • Support Internationalization.
  • Support flow, a Static Type Checker for JavaScript.
  • Added prettier formatting.
  • Update build to use babel-preset-env.
  • Give up support for IE9.
  • Breadcrumb New support separator property, custom separator.
  • Modal autoResizeHeight attribute renamed to overflow.
  • Update Button Group
    • Delete shape property, replace with appearance property, add support for subtle and ghost button.
    • Add property color, define button color.
    • Add property loading.
  • Update Table
    • Integrate all rsuite-table functions.
    • Add support merged cells.
    • Add support text over long line wrap processing, you need to set the wordWrap property, default to flase.
  • Update Checkbox, support indeterminate property.
  • Update Dropdown
    • Delete the activekey and select properties, and use the Selectpicker component if you need to select a feature.
    • Add Support Multilevel Menu.
    • Add property placement` , set menu display location.
  • Update Nav components, add appearance (default,subtle,tabs) property.
  • Update Form related components
    • Integrates all form-lib and rsuite-schema functions.
    • Replaced the Field component with the FormControl component (default processing Input component, can be modified by accepter property).
    • Form checktrigger property value null to 'none'.
    • Support 3 kinds of layout layout: horizontal, vertical, inline.
    • Helpblock support tooltip property.
    • Add ErrorMessage component for displaying error messages.
  • Integrate standalone component library into rsuite library
    • Add Uploader.
    • Add Tree.
    • Add CheckTree.
    • Add TreePicker.
    • Add CheckTreePicker.
    • Add SelectPicker.
    • Add CheckPicker.
    • Add Cascader.
    • Add AutoComplete.
    • Add DatePicker.
    • Add DateRangePicker.
    • Add Slider.
    • Add InputNumber.
    • Add Steps.
    • Add Timeline.
  • New Components
    • Add Sidenav.
    • Added IconButton.
    • Add Icon, instead of IconFont component, while supporting SVG custom import icons.
    • Added Drawer.
    • Add Progress.
    • Add Alert.
    • Add Message.
    • Add Notification.
    • Add Loader.
Last committed message: bump 3.0.1