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rushmore authored 2018-06-20 09:57 . update doc

RPC Protocol


	headers: {
		id:        <message_id>,
		apiKey:    <apid_key>,
		signature: <signature>
	url:      <function_url>  //[required]  
	method:   <http_method>,  //[optional]   
	body:     <param_array>   //[optional]

function url can be any format of HTTP URL, if no configuration, following the simple mapping rules:


If body is populated in request, the params list in URL is ignored

If RPC is based on MQ, add MQ prefix in url,


or, add 3 key-value pairs in headers

	cmd:      'pub',     
	mq:       <mq_name>,   //which MQ is the RPC based
	ack:      false        //No ACK from zbus for RPC


	status:      200|400|403|404|500   //required
	body:        <data_or_exception>,
	id:          <message_id>

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