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二花 / guitar-synthesizer

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二花 authored 2019-01-08 16:28 . remove code in matlab and julia
import wave
import numpy as np
from struct import pack
from itertools import zip_longest
class WaveWriter:
def __init__(self, filename): =, 'wb')
self.sampwidth = 1
def set_header(self, nchannels, sampwidth=2, framrate=44100,
nframes=0, comptype='NONE', compname='no compression'):
set wave's header
:param nchannels: the number of channels contained in the file
:param sampwidth: Set the sample width to n bytes.(8*n bits), 2 for default.
:param framrate: also been known as fs(frequency of sampling). 44100 for default.
:param nframes: the number of frames. just set it to 0, it will be change automatically.
:param comptype: the compression type, it can only be 'NONE' At the moment.
:param compname: the compression description, because of above, it should been set to ’no compression‘
:return: None
self.sampwidth = sampwidth, sampwidth, framrate, nframes, comptype, compname))
def write_wave(self, wav):
write wave into the wav_file
:param wav: float list(-1 ~ 1), all for 1 channel, or "L1R1L2R2L3R3..." for 2 channels.
:return: None
buffersize = 2048
max_amplitude = np.power(2, self.sampwidth * 8 - 1) - 1 # 振幅是由sampwidth界定,而且是有符号数
group = zip_longest(*[iter(wav)] * buffersize) # 以 2048 为一组,做分组。提高写入效率。
for chunk in group:
# convert integer list to bytes string
frames = b''.join(pack('h', int(num * max_amplitude)) for num in chunk if num is not None)
def close(self):

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