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独孤码农 / 森洽进销存系统PHPMIT

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使用Thinkphp5 + BUI实现在一套进销存系统,数据库Mysql,主要功能包括产品生产加工,出库,入库,财务,Excel导出,打印,图表,产品图片等功能 spread retract

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inventory management system base on thinkphp5.0

Software Architecture

Development based on the following technologies

  1. BUI
  2. Bootstrap3
  3. jquery
  4. Auth Authority control
  5. AutoComplete
  6. cxselect
  7. php-Excel
  8. C-Lodop WebPage Printing Component
  9. thinkphp5.0.24
  10. datetimepicker

The following functions are implemented

  1. Production management
  2. Warehousing and Outgoing
  3. Inventory inquiry, transfer and scrap
  4. Financial Management
  5. Access Control of System User Rights
  6. Warehouse, supplier and member management


  1. Download the code to the local directory
  2. If it runs under the domain name, point the website directory to the public directory
  3. Create a new MySQL database and import the demo_ims.sql file
  4. Modify the database. PHP file in the application directory to modify your current database parameters
  5. Installation completed


  1. System Super Administrator has only one account and all menu privileges.
  2. The system structure is clear and the database design is reasonable.
  3. Welcome to redevelopment and do not need to retain any copyright information.
  4. If you have any questions about the system, you are welcome to join QQ communication group: 688920281 for communication.
  5. Demo address: account: superadmin password: 123456

System screenshots

login product_build warehousing warehouse config

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