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shootsoft / 视频截图字幕拼接精灵PythonApache-2.0

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跨平台视频截图,截图字幕拼接软件(字幕区域自动识别) spread retract

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Pluto Video Snapshoter

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  • Automatically take snapshots for each slice of subtitles for a video with a given time range.
  • Stitch snapshots into one image
  • Automatically detect subtitle positions


  • Open the video
  • Open srt file (optional, if the srt file doesn't have the same name of the video)
  • Select output path (optional, if the output is different from video file's folder)
  • Select time range (optional, default time range is 0:0:0 ~ video's duration time)
  • Run task
  • Stitch snapshots

Snapshot UI

Snapshot UI

Snapshot UI

See User Maual 中文用户手册



Recommendation Python 3.6

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

If met qt install failed, you may try

brew install qt5
brew link qt5 --force

Qt Designer is required for window UI design.


python src/

Building (not fully working yet)

# Windows

# macOS


Extra media codec required, recommend K-Lite Codec Pack


nosetests --with-coverage --cover-package=pluto

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