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zhong.biran / BlazorFluentUI

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Simple port of Fluent UI (formerly Office Fabric) React components and style to Blazor

ClientSide Demo (web assembly)


ServerSide Demo (SignalR)


Telegram dev channel


Dev Nuget Packages

On each commit new dev nuget builds will be created automatically. To access those, add a new Package Source to Visual Studio or your project with the following URL:


For a more detailed tutorial, head over to our Public Feed, click on "Connect To Feed" and select the platform.

Breaking Changes for v4.0 (net5)

List, DetailsList, GroupedList

You will now have to define your list's container separately from the list component. Pick a <div> or other container element and apply the data-is-scrollable to it. You'll also have to style it appropriately for your page. (For example, add overflow-y:auto;height:100%; or something similar.) You do not have to place your list component as a direct descendant of this container. If you fail to place the data-is-scrollable tag, then the component will traverse the nodetree to find the first container element that has overflow-y:auto; set.

You also have to define GetKey for your list component. This is a selector for your items to tell the component how to uniquely identify each item.

A big change is that OnItemInvoked will only work when SelectionMode is set to None. If you need Selection active and the invoke item function to work at the same time, you can attach an event handler to the Selection.OnSelelectionChanged event or subscribe to the SelectionChanged observable.

Removed BFUGlobalCS, BFUStylePreloader, IHasPreloadableGlobalStyle

These components and interfaces must be removed as they no longer function within this library. Switch to using CSS isolation with your razor components instead. BFULocalCS is still present and encouraged for dynamic styling that requires flexibility. (Using the style attribute on an element makes it difficult for users to override the style.)

If you need to reference the theme from a css file, you can reference the global css variable instead. For example, where before you would get a white color in C# as Theme.Palette.White, now you will write in css, var(--palette-White). Css global variables always start with two dashes and a lowercase name. Instead of a dot, use a dash followed by capitalized names.

See the wiki for all usage notes

How To Use: ClientSide Blazor
How To Use: ServerSide Blazor
Theming \


There are no MergeStyles in this port. It's just each control packaged into its own project so you can limit what gets added to your Blazor project.

Status of Controls

Basic Inputs

Control State Information
Button #107c10 Done
Checkbox #dff6dd Done except for icons
ChoiceGroup #107c10 Done
ComboBox #a80000 ToDo
Dropdown #107c10 Done
Label #107c10 Done
Link #107c10 Done
Rating #107c10 Done
SearchBox #a80000 ToDo
Slider #107c10 Done
SpinButton #a80000 ToDo
TextField #dff6dd Done except masking
Toggle #107c10 Done

Galleries & Pickers

Control State Information
Calendar #107c10 Done
ColorPicker #a80000 ToDo
DatePicker #107c10 Done
PeoplePicker #a80000 ToDo
Pickers #a80000 ToDo
SwatchColorPicker #a80000 ToDo

Items & Lists

Control State Information
ActivityItem #a80000 ToDo
DetailsList #107c10 Done
DocumentCard #fff4ce In Progress Missing focus styles and ShouldTruncate doesn't work yet.
Facepile #a80000 ToDo
GroupedList #107c10 Done
HoverCard #a80000 ToDo
List #dff6dd Done supports INotifyCollectionChanged
Persona #107c10 Done

Commands, Menus & Navs

Control State Information
Breadcrumb #a80000 ToDo
CommandBar #107c10 Done
ContextualMenu #107c10 Done
Nav #107c10 Done
OverflowSet #107c10 Done
Pivot #107c10 Done

Notification & Engagement

Control State Information
Coachmark #a80000 ToDo
MessageBar #107c10 Done
TeachingBubble #a80000 ToDo


Control State Information
ProgressIndicator #107c10 Done
Shimmer #a80000 ToDo
Spinner #107c10 Done


Control State Information
Callout #107c10 Done
Dialog #dff6dd Done can't drag
Modal #dff6dd Done no modeless version
Panel #107c10 Done
ScrollablePane #a80000 ToDo
Tooltip #fff4ce In Progress limited functionality. will show, but can't interact with it yet, doesn't respond to overflow yet.


Control State Information
Announced #a80000 ToDo
FocusTrapZone #107c10 Done
FocusZone #107c10 Done
Icon #dff6dd Done only MS icons
Image #107c10 Done
Keytips #a80000 ToDo
Layer #fff4ce In Progress only layers at root window right now.
MarqueeSelection #a80000 ToDo
Overlay #a80000 ToDo
ResizeGroup #107c10 Done
Selection #a80000 ToDo
Separator #a80000 ToDo
Stack #107c10 Done
Text #107c10 Done
Themes #a80000 ToDo


Control State Information
ResponsiveLayout #107c10 Done
RichTextEditor #fff4ce In Progress Works with limited styles available
GlobalCS #fff4ce In Progress
LocalCS #fff4ce In Progress

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