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用C#语言去做脚本语言,速度甩Python N条街!而且可以使用.NET全部类库,支持MONO!强烈适合患有“强迫症”的程序猿使用。不像PYthon那样无类型、无定义声明!让你写脚本写的踏实放心!!此代码fork自github! spread retract

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The project has been migrated to GitHub from CodePlex: CS-Script.

CS-Script is a CLR (Common Language Runtime) based scripting system which uses ECMA-compliant C# as a programming language.

CS-Script is one of the most mature C# scripting solutions. It became publicly available in 2004, two years after the first release of .NET. CS-Script supports both hosted and standalone execution model. It allows seamlessly switching underlying compiling technology without affecting the code base. Currently supported compilers are Mono, Roslyn and CodeDOM. It offers comprehensive integration with most common development tools: Visual Studio, VSCode, Sublime Text 3, Notepad++. It can be run on Win, Linux and Mac. And it is compatible with .NET, Mono and .NET Core (ongoing development).

Over the long history of CS-Script it has been downloaded through Notepad++ plugin manager alone over times.

For the all CS-Script details go to the project Documentation Wiki.

The following is a simple code sample just to give you the idea about the product:

Executing script from shell

Updating media file tags. Note, the script is using optional classless layout.

Script file: mp4_retag.cs

//css_nuget taglib
using System;
using System.IO;

string source = @"\\media-server\tv_shows\Get Smart\Season1";

void main()
    foreach (string file in Directory.GetFiles(source, "*.mp4"))
        string episode_name = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(file);

        var mp4 = TagLib.File.Create(file);
        mp4.Tag.Title = episode_name;


Execute script file directly in cmd-promt without building an executable assembly:

C:\Temp>cscs mp4_retag.cs

Hosting script engine

dynamic script = CSScript.LoadCode(
                           @"using System.Windows.Forms;
                             public class Script
                                 public void SayHello(string greeting)
                                     MessageBox.Show($""Greeting: {greeting}"");
script.SayHello("Hello World!");
var product = CSScript.CreateFunc<int>(@"int Product(int a, int b)
                                             return a * b;
int result = product(3, 4);
var SayHello = CSScript.LoadMethod(
                        @"using System.Windows.Forms;
                          public static void SayHello(string greeting)
                          static void MessageBoxSayHello(string greeting)
                          static void ConsoleSayHello(string greeting)
                         .GetStaticMethod("SayHello" , typeof(string)); 
SayHello("Hello again!");

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