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src-openEuler / efi-rpm-macros

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This repository doesn't specify license. Without author's permission, this code is only for learning and cannot be used for other purposes.
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hanzj0122 authored 2020-09-10 20:52 . solve source url problem
%global debug_package %{nil}
%global _efi_vendor_ %(eval sed -n -e 's/^ID=//p' /etc/os-release)
%global _efi_vendor_dir %(eval sed -n -e 's/^ID=//p' /etc/os-release | awk -F '"' '{print $2}')
Name: efi-rpm-macros
Version: 4
Release: 3
Summary: A set of EFI-related RPM Macros
License: GPLv3+
URL: https://github.com/rhboot/%{name}/
Source0: https://github.com/rhboot/%{name}/archive/%{version}.tar.gz#/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
#patch backport from upstream community
BuildRequires: git sed
BuildArch: noarch
Efi-rpm-macros help to build EFI-Related packages with a set of common RPM Macros.
%package -n efi-srpm-macros
Summary: A set of EFI-related SRPM Macros
BuildArch: noarch
Requires: rpm
%description -n efi-srpm-macros
Efi-srpm-macros help to build EFI-related packages with a set of common SRPM macros.
%package -n efi-filesystem
Summary: Basic diretory layout of EFI machines
BuildArch: noarch
Requires: filesystem
%description -n efi-filesystem
Efi-filesystem is the structure and logic rules used to manage the groups of
information of EIF machines, it contains the basic directory layout for EFI
machine bootloaders and tools.
%autosetup -S git -n %{name}-4
git config --local --add efi.vendor "%{_vendor}"
git config --local --add efi.esp-root /boot/efi
git config --local --add efi.arches "x86_64 aarch64"
%make_build EFI_VENDOR=%{_efi_vendor_} clean all
%make_install EFI_VENDOR=%{_efi_vendor_}
%files -n efi-srpm-macros
%license LICENSE
%files -n efi-filesystem
%dir /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT
%dir /boot/efi/EFI/%{_efi_vendor_dir}
* Thu Sep 10 2020 hanzhijun <hanzhijun1@huawei.com> - 4-3
- solve source url problem
* Tue Jan 14 2020 openEuler Buildteam <buildteam@openeuler.org> - 4-2
- Type:bugfix
- Id:NA
- DESC:bugfix in build process
* Fri Jan 10 2020 openEuler Buildteam <buildteam@openeuler.org> - 4-1
- Package update.
* Tue Sep 17 2019 yanzhihua <yanzhihua4@huawei.com> - 3-4
- Package init.


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