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首个基于 Swoole 原生协程的新时代 PHP 高性能协程全栈框架,内置协程网络服务器及常用的协程客户端,常驻内存,不依赖传统的 PHP-FPM,全异步非阻塞 IO 实现,以类似于同步客户端的写法实现异步客户端的使用,没有复杂的异步回调,没有繁琐的 yield, 有类似 Go 语言的协程、灵活的注解、强大的全局依赖注入容器、完善的服务治理、灵活强大的 AOP、标准的 PSR 规范实现等等,可以用于构建高性能的Web系统、API、中间件、基础服务等等。 spread retract

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Huangzhhui authored 2018-04-19 12:35 . Update

Swoft Contributing Guide

Hi! I am really excited that you are interested in contributing to Swoft. Before submitting your contribution though, please make sure to take a moment and read through the following guidelines.

Issue Reporting Guidelines

  • Should always create an new issues by Github issue template, to avoid missing information.

Pull Request Guidelines

The master branch is the latest stable release, the feature branch commonly is the next feature upgrade version. If it's a feature develoment, should be done in feature branch, if it's a bug-fix develoment, then you could done in master branch, or feature branch, the different between master branch an feature branch is that the feature branch will merge to master branch until next version upgraded, and master branch could release a bug-fix version anytime.

Note that Swoft using swoft-component repository to centralized manage all Swoft components, if you want to submit an PR for component of swoft, then you should submit your PR to swoft-component repository.

Checkout a topic branch from the relevant branch, e.g. feature, and merge back against that branch.

It's OK to have multiple small commits as you work on the PR - we will let GitHub automatically squash it before merging.

Make sure unit test passes, commonly you could use composer test to run all unit testes. (see development setup)

If adding new feature:

Add accompanying test case. Provide convincing reason to add this feature. Ideally you should open a suggestion issue first and have it greenlighted before working on it. If fixing a bug:

If you are resolving a special issue, add (fix #xxxx[,#xxx]) (#xxxx is the issue id) in your PR title for a better release log, e.g. update entities encoding/decoding (fix #3899). Provide detailed description of the bug in the PR. Live demo preferred. Add appropriate test coverage if applicable.

Development Guidelines

Because Swoft using swoft-component repository to centralized manage all Swoft components, then you should add swoft/component requires to composer.json if you are developing in swoft forked repository, after this, components of swoft-component will replace all original components requires, see Composer replace schema for more details.

composer requires e.g.

"require": {
    "swoft/component": "dev-master as 1.0"

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