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首个基于 Swoole 原生协程的新时代 PHP 高性能协程全栈框架,内置协程网络服务器及常用的协程客户端,常驻内存,不依赖传统的 PHP-FPM,全异步非阻塞 IO 实现,以类似于同步客户端的写法实现异步客户端的使用,没有复杂的异步回调,没有繁琐的 yield, 有类似 Go 语言的协程、灵活的注解、强大的全局依赖注入容器、完善的服务治理、灵活强大的 AOP、标准的 PSR 规范实现等等,可以用于构建高性能的Web系统、API、中间件、基础服务等等。 spread retract

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Inhere authored 2019-06-20 15:48 . Update


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⚡️ Modern High performance AOP and Coroutine PHP Framework, base on Swoole


  • Built-in high performance network server(Http/Websocket/RPC)
  • Flexible componentization
  • Flexible annotation function
  • Diversified command terminal(Console)
  • Powerful Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP)
  • Perfect Container management、Dependency Injection (DI)
  • Flexible event mechanism
  • Implementation of HTTP message based on PSR-7
  • Event Manager Based on PSR-14
  • Middleware based on PSR-15
  • Internationalization(i18n) support
  • Simple and efficient parameter validator
  • High performance connection pool(Mysql/Redis/RPC),Automatic reconnection
  • Database is highly compatible Laravel
  • Cache Redis highly compatible Laravel
  • Efficient task processing
  • Flexible exception handling
  • Powerful log system


QQ Group1: 548173319
QQ Group2: 778656850




  • composer create-project swoft/swoft swoft


[root@swoft swoft]# php bin/swoft http:start
2019/06/02-11:18:06 [INFO] Swoole\Runtime::enableCoroutine
2019/06/02-11:18:06 [INFO] Swoft\SwoftApplication:__construct(14) Set alias @base=/data/www/swoft
2019/06/02-11:18:06 [INFO] Swoft\SwoftApplication:__construct(14) Set alias @app=@base/app
2019/06/02-11:18:06 [INFO] Swoft\SwoftApplication:__construct(14) Set alias @config=@base/config
2019/06/02-11:18:06 [INFO] Swoft\SwoftApplication:__construct(14) Set alias @runtime=@base/runtime
2019/06/02-11:18:06 [INFO] Project path is /data/www/swoft
2019/06/02-11:18:06 [INFO] Swoft\Processor\ApplicationProcessor:handle(221) Env file(/data/www/swoft/.env) is loaded
2019/06/02-11:18:11 [INFO] Swoft\Processor\ApplicationProcessor:handle(221) Annotations is scanned(autoloader 23, annotation 226, parser 57)
2019/06/02-11:18:11 [INFO] Swoft\Processor\ApplicationProcessor:handle(221) config path=/data/www/swoft/config
2019/06/02-11:18:11 [INFO] Swoft\Processor\ApplicationProcessor:handle(221) config env=
2019/06/02-11:18:11 [INFO] Swoft\Processor\ApplicationProcessor:handle(221) Bean is initialized(singleton 144, prototype 41, definition 30)
2019/06/02-11:18:11 [INFO] Swoft\Processor\ApplicationProcessor:handle(221) Event manager initialized(30 listener, 3 subscriber)
2019/06/02-11:18:11 [INFO] Swoft\Event\Manager\EventManager:triggerListeners(324) WebSocket server route registered(module 2, message command 3)
2019/06/02-11:18:11 [INFO] Swoft\Event\Manager\EventManager:triggerListeners(324) Error manager init completed(2 type, 3 handler, 3 exception)
2019/06/02-11:18:11 [INFO] Swoft\Processor\ApplicationProcessor:handle(221) Console command route registered (group 14, command 5)
                            Information Panel
  * HTTP     | Listen:, type: TCP, mode: Process, worker: 1
  * rpc      | Listen:, type: TCP

HTTP server start success !
2019/06/02-11:18:11 [INFO] Swoft\Event\Manager\EventManager:triggerListeners(324) Registered swoole events:
 start, shutdown, managerStart, managerStop, workerStart, workerStop, workerError, request, task, finish
Server start success (Master PID: 249, Manager PID: 250)


Swoft is an open-source software licensed under the LICENSE

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