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使用 TypeScript 编写的 Node.js Koa 框架 spread retract

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🌈 Tkoa is a Koa web app framework written in typescript. typescript logo

Although written in typescript, you can still use the nodejs framework and koa middleware.

Not only that, you can also enjoy the type checking and convenient testing with typescript!


TKoa requires >= typescript v3.1.0 and node v7.6.0 for ES2015 and async function support.

$ npm install tkoa

Hello T-koa

import tKoa = require('tkoa');

interface ctx {
    res: {
        end: Function

const app = new tKoa();

// response
app.use((ctx: ctx) => {
    ctx.res.end('Hello T-koa!');



Tkoa is a middleware framework that can take two different kinds of functions as middleware:

  • async function
  • common function

Here is an example of logger middleware with each of the different functions:

async functions (node v7.6+):

interface ctx {
  method: string,
  url: string

app.use(async (ctx: ctx, next: Function) => {
  const start =;
  await next();
  const ms = - start;
  console.log(`${ctx.method} ${ctx.url} - ${ms}ms`);

Common function

// Middleware normally takes two parameters (ctx, next), ctx is the context for one request,
// next is a function that is invoked to execute the downstream middleware. It returns a Promise with a then function for running code after completion.

interface ctx {
  method: string,
  url: string

app.use((ctx: ctx, next: Function) => {
  const start =;
  return next().then(() => {
    const ms = - start;
    console.log(`${ctx.method} ${ctx.url} - ${ms}ms`);

Getting started



  • Higher than version v3.1


  • Higher than version v7.6.0



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