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django admin 的一个主题 ,基于element-ui+vue开发,重写和优化90%以上的页面。让django admin更符合国人的使用习惯。并且实现了不用修改任何代码为django admin换肤。100%兼容原生admin!截止2019年11月01日全球1800+网站正在使用。 spread retract

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Make Django Admin simple and firendly

Simple and friendly. Django admin theme the simpleui


中文 | English


simpleui Characteristics

👍 Built in 28 popular themes

⚡️ pip lightning installation, 100% compatible with native, admin without modifying the code

✨ Multi-label pages, each module is more clear

🎯 Simple configuration, get started quickly, add simpleui in and start it immediately, the efficiency is increased by 100%! Make back-end development handy.

☕️ Element-UI and Vue ,Let the django admin be better.

Original intention of development

Django Admin default interface design language has some shortcomings, such as single color, the use of a large number of lines, and obvious segmentation. To classify these shortcomings is that the interface is monotonous, obvious similarity, and lack of surprises. We believe that the new platform-like visual style can break these constraints, try some new explorations, and inspire traditional design cognition, so combined with the current design trend, I have conceived Element+Django Admin's Simpleui. Let Django Admin and Element make the perfect interaction. With the most popular back-end design style, let Django Admin is even more powerful.

QQ Group

  • QQ group : 786576510


The document describes in detail how to use the installation, as well as a description of the various configuration items, please click on the link below.

Important Things To Say Three Times:


👉 1.simpleui Document 👈

👉 2.simpleui Document👈

👉 3.simpleui Document👈


Local Demo download

If you don't have any python django basics, you can download a demo that can be run directly. 😝DEMO SourceCode

Online Demo

Permission is limited, only the relevant data of the module can be viewed and cannot be operated. If you want to experience all the features, please install simpleui on your system to see the result.

What is simpleui?

🚀simpleui is django admin's theme. It is a page based on element-ui + vue development, rewriting and optimizing over 90%. It is the same product as the suit. We are a theme that is more in line with the aesthetic and usage habits of Chinese people.


Detailed steps Document. Also refer to Demo

  • Installation
pip install django-simpleui

Use pip or Clone Source after installing simpleui, andsimpleui to the first line of INSTALLED_APPS in your project's file.

For example🌰:

  # Application definition


If you don't know how to configure or how to use it,please download local demo to learning. Or join the QQ group : 786576510 consulting.

Upgrade simpleui

pip install django-simpleui --upgrade

Clone source local installation

git clone
cd simpleui
python sdist install

common problem:

  1. If turn off debug mode, execute the following command to clone the simpleui static file to the root directory.

    python3 collectstatic
  2. Clone static file error Please add in the file:

    STATIC_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, "static")
  3. Please refer to other questions django Documentation.

  4. i18n internationalization adopt js internationalization, the default is English and Chinese, switch with the system. Please see International configuration

other questions Quick start guide

Support for django and python versions

List of Supported Versions

Browser Compatibility

Chrome Firefox Edge IE Safari Opera UC
11+ ✔


If your project is using Simpleui,you can put the Simpleui badge ice add to your README:



If you think that simpleui is helpful to you, you can sponsor us a cup of coffee and encourage us to continue to develop and maintain. sponsor us

Login Page

Home Page

List Page

Switch Theme

Change Password

Edit Page

Set Font Size

Great developer

The development of simpleui is supported by the following excellent contributors. If you want to contribute code to simpleui, fork to your repository and then make a merge request to the dev branch.

Github Scope
@zhangzhibo1014 Translate English document
@liaogx Bug fix
@shouyong Bug fix
@Roddy1219 Bug fix
@WalkerWang731 Code contributions

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