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✨ Features

  • Support one entity mapping to multi tables
  • Support dynamic field operator
  • Support group and aggregation query
  • Support Select | Where | From subquery
  • Support embedded params in entity
  • Support field converters
  • Support sql interceptors
  • Support sql dialect extension
  • Support multi datasource and dynamic datasource
  • Support annotation omitting and customizing
  • Support field operator extension
  • and so on


This is not a repeating wheel

Although CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE are the strengths of Hibernate, MyBatis, DataJDBC and other ORM, queries, especially complex list queries with multi conditions, multi tables, paging, sorting, have always been their weaknesses.

Traditional ORM is difficult to realize a complex list retrieval with less code, but Bean Searcher has made great efforts in this regard. These complex queries can be solved in almost one line of code.

  • For example, such a typical requirement:

The back-end needs to write a retrieval API, and if it is written with traditional ORM, the complexity of the code is very high

But Bean Searcher can:

💥 Achieved with one line of code

First, you have an Entity class:

@SearchBean(tables="user u, role r", joinCond="u.role_id = r.id", autoMapTo="u")
public class User {
  private long id;
  private String username;
  private int status;
  private int age;
  private String gender;
  private Date joinDate;
  private int roleId;
  private String roleName;
  // Getters and setters...

Then you can complete the API with one line of code :

public class UserController {

    private BeanSearcher beanSearcher;              // Inject BeanSearcher

    public SearchResult<User> index(HttpServletRequest request) {
        // Only one line of code written here
        return beanSearcher.search(User.class, MapUtils.flat(request.getParameterMap()), new String[]{ "age" });


This line of code can achieve:

  • Retrieval from multi tables
  • Pagination by any field
  • Combined filter by any field
  • Sorting by any field
  • Summary with age field

For example, this API can be requested as follows:

  • GET: /user/index

    Retrieving by default pagination:

      "dataList": [
          "id": 1,
          "username": "Jack",
          "status": 1,
          "age": 25,
          "gender": "Male",
          "joinDate": "2021-10-01",
          "roleId": 1,
          "roleName": "User"
        ...     // 15 records default
      "totalCount": 100,
      "summaries": [
        2500    // age statistics
  • GET: /user/index? page=1 & size=10

    Retrieval by specified pagination

  • GET: /user/index? status=1

    Retrieval with status = 1 by default pagination

  • GET: /user/index? name=Jac & name-op=sw

    Retrieval with name starting with Jac by default pagination

  • GET: /user/index? name=Jack & name-ic=true

    Retrieval with name = Jack(case ignored) by default pagination

  • GET: /user/index? sort=age & order=desc

    Retrieval sorting by age descending and by default pagination

  • GET: /user/index? onlySelect=username,age

    Retrieval username,age only by default pagination:

      "dataList": [
          "username": "Jack",
          "age": 25,
        ...     // 15 records default
      "totalCount": 100,
      "summaries": [
        2500    // age statistics
  • GET: /user/index? selectExclude=joinDate

    Retrieving joinDate excluded default pagination

✨ Parameter builder

Map<String, Object> params = MapUtils.builder()
        .selectExclude(User::getJoinDate)                 // Exclude joinDate field
        .field(User::getStatus, 1)                        // Filter:status = 1
        .field(User::getName, "Jack").ic()                // Filter:name = 'Jack' (case ignored)
        .field(User::getAge, 20, 30).op(Opetator.Between) // Filter:age between 20 and 30
        .orderBy(User::getAge, "asc")                     // Sorting by age ascending 
        .page(0, 15)                                      // Pagination: page=0 and size=15
List<User> users = beanSearcher.searchList(User.class, params);


🚀 Rapid development

Using Bean Searcher can greatly save the development time of the complex list retrieval apis!

  • An ordinary complex list query requires only one line of code
  • Retrieval from single table can reuse the original domain, without defining new Entity

🌱 Easy integration

Bean Searcher can work with any JavaWeb frameworks, such as: SpringBoot, SpringMVC, Grails, Jfinal and so on.


All you need is to add a dependence:

implementation 'com.ejlchina:bean-searcher-boot-stater:3.7.0'

and then you can inject Searcher into a Controller or Service:

 * Inject a MapSearcher, which retrieved data is Map objects
private MapSearcher mapSearcher;

 * Inject a BeanSearcher, which retrieved data is generic objects
private BeanSearcher beanSearcher;

Other frameworks

Adding this dependence:

implementation 'com.ejlchina:bean-searcher:3.7.0'

then you can build a Searcher with SearcherBuilder:

DataSource dataSource = ...     // Get the dataSource of the application

// DefaultSqlExecutor suports multi datasources
SqlExecutor sqlExecutor = new DefaultSqlExecutor(dataSource);

// build a MapSearcher
MapSearcher mapSearcher = SearcherBuilder.mapSearcher()

// build a BeanSearcher
BeanSearcher beanSearcher = SearcherBuilder.beanSearcher()

🔨 Easy extended

You can customize and extend any component in Bean Searcher .

For example:

  • Customizing FieldOp to support other field operator
  • Customizing DbMapping to support other ORM‘s annotations
  • Customizing ParamResolver to support JSON query params
  • Customizing FieldConvertor to support any type of field
  • Customizing Dialect to support more database
  • and so and

📚 Detailed documentation

Reference :https://bs.zhxu.cn

🤝 Friendship links

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❤️ How to contribute

  1. Fork code!
  2. Create your own branch: git checkout -b feat/xxxx
  3. Submit your changes: git commit -am 'feat(function): add xxxxx'
  4. Push your branch: git push origin feat/xxxx
  5. submit pull request

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🔥🔥🔥 专注高级查询的只读 ORM,天生支持联表,免 DTO/VO 转换,使一行代码实现复杂列表检索成为可能! expand collapse

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