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一个轻量而全面的微服务DevSecOps解决方案 spread retract

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A lightweight and comprehensive microservice DevSecOps solution.

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Runtime environment

  • Basic environment dependencies (must): JDK8+、Maven3.5+、MySQL5.6+
  • Other environment dependencies (if necessary): Docker-ce18.06+、Kafka0.10.0+、Zookeeper3.4.6+


  • CI    Continuous integration deployment(Continuous iteration), CICD build flow, etc.
  • ESM    Flexible scalability management, integrated k8s, docker, management based on CPU, network traffic automatic or manual container scaling.
  • SCM    Configure the service center to support online configuration of hot updates such as DataSource, RedisClient, etc.
  • SRM    Service resource management, such as integrated ELK log system, etc.
  • SHELL    Shell Cli, adding a hbase-shell-like console to your app
  • DOC    API documentation service, online API documentation
  • IAM    Unified identity and access management services, supporting SSO/CAS, oauth2, opensaml, etc.
  • IM    Instant messaging system, project personnel communicate in a timely manner, internal data distribution.
  • UMC    Unified monitoring and operation center, providing real-time application health monitoring, real-time tracking, real-time alarms, etc.
  • VCS    Version control service, software source code, release package version management.

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